Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Fire's Been Lit

Well I got my marks back from the class feis and I feel better in many ways. Still disappointed that I didn't get a placement in those soft shoe dances, but his comments have made me really eager to work so my reel and slip jig can move up to prizewinner.  I just have a feeling that those are going to go first but stranger things have happened.

Anyway, here's the good things he had to say:
-Good timing
-Good clear brush sounds
-Good lift in back (Reel)
-Good lifts in front and posture
-Good presence
-Good carriage x2
-Good Volume

And here's what could have gone better:
-Lift in back (Hornpipe)
-turn out and extend movement
-hops off ground (though I am attributing this to the fact that my shoe was coming off in this dance and I was trying to keep it on)
-Use whole stage to extend
-turn out feet
-cross bangs
-make back hits big (lifted) (Jockey)

Finally here are things that either confused me or were mentioned on my slow treble jig which wasn't scored:
-consistency of rhythm (Not sure if he meant this in a positive or negative way as my fast TJ was one of my stronger dances)
-up on toes more, makes fast trebles easier

So I definitely need to work on turn out and I think a combination of utilizing the stage and having a straight leg and knees at all times. As stated by my title, a fire has been lit. I'm planning on practicing in a bit (or attempting since I've been home the last two days with the stomach flu. YAY. Not) I feel like if I can improve these things and add to what good stuff I've got going for me, it might push those lower placements into 1sts. As for hard shoe...just got to keep working. I proved that I can get through my slow Treble Jig in front of a judge and a room full of people. Now I just have to make it polished. As for Hornpipe, I've got 25 days. But I may stick with fast tempo if I'm not comfortable. You know, The next week and a half is going to be all about St. Patrick's Day.

Hope everyone is having a better week than me, Though back to work tomorrow!


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