Sunday, March 20, 2016

St. Patrick's Week Part One: The Parade and More

This is definitely going to be a three part post as so much happened this week. I'm so happy that I got to have a real St. Patrick's Day experience, though I'm happy to have it behind me because I'm still sore and I was definitely tired this weekend.

Okay, let's get down the beginning March 12th.

I woke up pretty early, maybe around 7 or so? Even though we were doing natural hair I wanted my hair and make up looking nice, since it was going to be a long day. I was extremely anxious about fining a place to park in downtown Hartford before the roads closed so I left with plenty of time to spare. I was laughing before and after the parade because I can not believe how easy it was. There were no delays, I was able to park somewhere easily, for free, and when it was time to go to my next performance, I just pulled into traffic easily and was on my way. I got there earlier than I anticipated so I was able to walk around and get my bearings, wait in line for the "Port-a-loo" (My TC's FiancĂ© is from England and called the Porta potty this, so it was a standing joke all day.) and meet up with my school with plenty of time to spare. Everyone I met walking around was so nice! It was like we were all comrades enjoying St. Patrick's day. I loved it.
Before the sweat and wind and dancing!

I hadn't been in a parade since my sophomore year of college. So I found myself getting a bit emotional as I walked around and got ready. Not only that, but I thought back to where I was this time last year. I was barely back from my shin splints (they kinda hurt at the moment, but do you know where I danced this week? Sprung floors no where to be found.) This time last year I had not competed against anyone but myself, I didn't have a full treble jig, I could go on and on. I was still considered a beginner and in a years time I feel like I've done the impossible. I've dropped down. I have slow speed hard shoe dances, I'm 20% to Prizewinner. It was a cool feeling.
Just out of frame in this picture, but such a cool moment!)

The parade in general was a really cool experience. I did some of the best jump 2,3s in my life and there were while people were screaming and cheering me and my school mates on. I performed in front of a reviewing stand to awesome music. I felt proud about a part of my heritage that wasn't Lithuanian. I also got pretty sunburned, in March.
Love these cuties!

After the parade, I danced at a library, outside of a Whole Foods, and at a YMCA cultural fair. I did my set at all of them, as well as a slip jig into a reel piece, a slip jig three hand, and a hornpipe into a treble reel piece (This is the reason why I think my shins hurt as I did this number 12 times this week on concrete, tile, carpet, gym floor, and more) It was really fun, but I was really sore after all of that. There were more performances the following day that I sat out of and I'm glad I did because I wonder where I would be right now if I had literally danced all week.
Toe height looks good, but turn out does not...

...but my turn out here looks amazing! I can't figure it out!

My Jockey to the Fair buddy!

I also had the great pleasure of going out to dinner with my TC and a bunch of the girls and their moms. I will allude to this many more times through out these posts but  my favorite part of the week was bonding with the girls I dance with. I mean I love the girls in my class but I feel like I know them even better. Plus the champ girls and the little baby beginner's too. I got so many hugs this week from everyone! Plus I had a great conversation with a little dancer and I hope it motivated her, because we need to lift each other up, right?

Girl: *looking at my dress* I wish I had the intermediate dress like you.
Me: Someday you will.
Girl: *forlornly* But I'm only an advanced beginner.
Me: Hey, I was just an advanced beginner in December, and now I working towards prizewinner. You will get there.

Look for part 2 later,


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