Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Part 2: A Fall, a 2 Hand in Hardshoes, and the Peace Belt

I'm sorry. I really meant for these St. Patrick's Day posts to be done one after the other but life is insane. I've been working on my living room. I've been doing stuff for school, I've been getting ready for my favorite Jewish Holiday, I've been editing and outlining, I worked at the grocery store, oh and I've been practicing. 3 competitions in the two up coming weeks. Id like to start blogging about all of that, so I've got to bust these out.

So rewind to a week ago (just about). I met my lovely friend Siobhan and spent the day driving all over the state with her for our dance outs. It was so nice to not have to drive alone and I really feel like we bonded even more than we already have at class. There were a few times when she was talking that she sounded just like my best friend (maybe it's the kind of quiet, similar gentle personalities) and I was so content. It's nice to have girls similar to my age, because lets be real they are still 5 or more years younger than me, but it's nice to feel included and relate to similar things like dance goals or whatever. Not that I don't love some of the middle school girls I dance with, or the babies that run up and hug me when they see me. That's great too!
Lindsey, Siobhan, and myself during the slip jig 3 hand

We had 8 different shows, mostly at schools, but we did a few nursing homes, the airport and fundraising dinners too. I think including Saturday's performances, we did our hornpipe/treble reel number to Beoga's Jazzy Wilbur 12 times. (My shins are still sore, which is not helping with the all the treble jigs I've been working on) I also did our slip jig into reel number just as much and I'm sorry to say that I had my first fall with Scoil Rince Luimni while doing that dance. At my old school I was doing weird spinning back clicks (because an advanced beginner should totally be doing those) and I slipped and landed on my bottom. It wasn't so bad because it was just the girls in class and their moms. This particular time was not as nice. I was doing the first step of my slip jig and was almost done, all I had was a jump 2,3. As I went for the jump I rolled my ankle and it was like slow motion. I was thinking to myself "I'm not actually going to fall, I'm going to catch myself. There's no way I'm going to fall in front of all of these people." Nope. No such luck, I went down. :( On the bright side it was the second place we went to and I continued to dance all day. I wore an ace bandage the following day because I was concerned about the Wolf Pack performance (See Part 3) and besides a little bruising, everything is back to normal.

On a more positive not, Siobhan and I got to do the 2 hand in that dance at the airport later in the day and I was so thrilled because it was like I'd reached the promised land. I learned the 2 hand with the champ girls and I always wanted to do it, so when my teacher had us do it for the second time I got my chance. Unfortunately it was right after Jazzy Wilbur so there wasn't time to change shoes, but I think I did a good reel despite that problem. No photos from that but a news crew got me doing Jockey on the news! I'll see if I can attach the link!
The Crew at the Aer Lingus Booth. Looks like we will dancing again in September when their first flight arrives.

Doing Jockey on the board from hell

The day progressed and I got sweatier and more tired, but I had a blast! Finally we made our way to the last place, it was a Rotary Club fundraiser. I'm getting ready to go and all of a sudden my teacher pulls me aside and tells me that there is a person at the party with the International Peace Belt and they want one of the dancers to wear and she decided that she wants me to do it. Next thing I know I'm meeting with the creator of The International Peace Belt and the current person who was wearing it. I'm being told that I'm going to dance with it on and that I'm going to be in a documentary. A DOCUMENTARY PEOPLE! Suddenly I'm like a science project, I'm being photographed, I'm in this ceremony where they put the belt on me and I'm becoming an emotional because that's what I do. The I danced 3 numbers with it on and it was jangling and looked really cool when I did my skip 2,3's. I will put the link in here. It's been in nearly 30 countries and has been worn by countless people like members of the Allman Brother and My Morning Jacket. I think it's pretty crazy that little old me, who isn't the world's best dancer (Though I think today proves that anyone can rise to greatness if you work hard enough!) but I got to show the world that dance brings me happiness and peace. As usual I just want to prove to the world that you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want, it's never to late. <3
If I get any professional pictures, I will post them on here and Tumblr!

Siobhan and I ended our night by going to IHOP for pancakes. I am so happy that I got to have a healthy fun St. Patrick's Day. I'm praying that it isn't going to be the reason why my shin splints come back, but I'm praying they will go away so I can rock it at Gray and Lenihan next weekend! Looking forward to next year (but you know, not for a while. Stress and not focusing on competition stuff as much as I would like)

I really wish I was on my toes in this picture...

Hey Look it's my Jockey buddy again!

Stay tuned for part 3!


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