Sunday, March 6, 2016

Keeping Positive After Dissapointment

I'm proud to say that Scoil Rince Luimni's inaugural class feis was a success! I did the concession stand for a little and there was over a hundred dollars in the cashbox before I danced and a lot more things were sold by the end of the day. I also feel that there was a true sense of bonding and comradery among all the students in the school. So many compliments and hugs and group shots and I'm just so happy that I transferred and became a part of this magical school.

The big announcement, that my TC will probably go into in greater detail on her own tumblr and stuff is what I assumed, and that is that we are getting a real dance studio starting in the summer. My news kind of goes a long with that, but since my TC hasn't announced it to our school yet, I'm going to wait until I post it on here. Rise and Grind, another really great dance blog (check her out!) guessed if I'm going to the Oireachtas and I totally am! Well, I should rephrase that, that is the plan and God willing (and husband willing, like I said a new emo post about that is coming) I will be doing my set at the New England Regional Oireachtas in November. Let's all hope that it goes better than it did yesterday.

Perfect Segway into the topic of today's post. Yesterday was not a disaster, but I'm not pleased with how my day went. It wasn't a McGough Feis incident were I left the feis empty handed but it was not how I was hoping it would turn out. That is not to say that I feel that I was cheated or robbed. I know that I had an off day, I believe that everyone was awarded fairly and I'm so happy for all my classmates. I like feeling like I danced my best and I left the class feis yesterday knowing that I did not.

Things that went wrong:

-The biggest one was that my left soft shoe was not tight enough. I relaced the other one because the length of the laces was drastically different and that sucker was on good. (I used to have problems with that one) But my left slipped off my heel at the end of my light jig and I had to kick it off completely in my slip jig and had to redance. I have to believe that this effected my placement in those dances because I was no longer focusing on the finer points and just concerned about doing what I could to keep the shoe on. I'm almost positive that I didn't have a nice pointed toe, etc. I was upset about this at the time, but my silver lining is that at least it happened at a class feis and not next month at a real one. I'm also wondering if I need to sell these shoes and go back to Celtic choice just in a smaller size because they aren't comfortable at all.

-Once again I didn't eat enough in the morning. I was all shaky and clammy and I think it caused the next thing that went wrong. I need to stick with my nuts and oatmeal in the morning.

-Timing issues! OH MY GOD! I had timing issues in my reel, like I never have issues with reel. I was rushing so bad. Add a couple little balance bobbles and bye bye placement. :( Happened in Jockey too. Once again I'm frustrated because when I do my set in class it is damn near flawless. It was so off time that one of my classmates was like "It was off time, but that's okay.) UGH! Maybe it wasn't a good thing that I won trad set at my first feis post transfer. It seriously has not been as good sense and I think I expect to get that result every time. Silver lining: I have plenty of time and opportunities to fix it before November.

-I had other things weighing down my brain besides steps and keeping turned out and crossed. More on that in that "Support" post. Silver Lining: ....still looking for that one, but convincing myself that I won't let that happen again.

Things that went well:

-I got 2nd in both my treble jig and hornpipe. While I love the complexity of my slow hornpipe, I think I would be okay if I had to compete with my fast hornpipe for a little longer. I think that it suits me well. I also got a 3rd in Jockey to the disaster. I felt like that was merciful. Thank you judge!

-I did my slow treble jig and I didn't make an ass of myself. Well...not really. I got all the way through. I even hit a click or two. My second step was fairly strong. I have to focus now on getting all the trebles and doing the treble hop backs in time. That and the clicks on my left side sometimes end up on the wrong foot. My goal is to still do this one next month so I'm gonna make it so much better.

-I feel closer to the girls that are in my classes and even some of the champ girls. This was a bonding experience, this was a chance for us to congratulate each other's accomplishments. I loved the fact that I got to stand on a podium and share it with people that I call my friends. (That and hearing the excitement of two of the girls in my old class on Thursday when they found out I was making up class with them.) We have become a family. Something that I didn't really feel at my old school and I feel blessed.

So about that keeping positive thing...

I keep on tell myself that a class feis is not typical. It's not necessarily about placements and that the judges comments are going to be far more important to me. The girls I danced against yesterday (with the exception of Keri) I would never dance against in a real feis. Colleen is half way to prelim and lily is one dance away from full prizewinner and she places in the dances that she's already in. Gabby is just a talented girl with so much potential. That's not even counting ages. 7-26 years old in the same age group? It's not typical and that's really okay.

Plus everyone has off days. I've placed in those dances before (no flying shoes though) and I know I will again, just like I know I will have a day where I head home and feel like I could have done better. This keeps you hungry, makes you dust yourself off and try again. 

Still thrilled that I dance for such a great school and can't wait to clean up these new steps and dominate next month.


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