Friday, March 4, 2016

Class Feis Eve

Hey all,

It's the day before my class feis and I'm a gambit of emotions!

I'm excited: I've never been in a class feis before because at my old school there were like 3 or 4 people who went to competitions and only myself and one other person went regularly. I feel prepared for (almost) everything. It's supposedly low stress, and it's only against the girls I dance with in class. It's supposed to be really great for feedback and I just love competing and spending time with people from my school, so awesome!

I'm nervous: As I stated in a previous entry, I'm in a "transitional" period with a bunch of my dances. I'm competing with a new slip jig step and sometimes it goes great and sometimes I mess up the ending. I can't wait for it to be so solid that I don't even think about it, but until then, last minute cramming! I'm also doing my slow treble jig in "exhibition". While I'm not going to be placed or anything, I don't want to make an ass of myself so fingers crossed that doesn't happen! I already made the judgement call to not do slow hornpipe. Still can't quite get through all of it without a glaring mistake or getting on the wrong foot or something. Still a month to work that out.

I'm mad: My husband's not going. Stay tuned for a "Support 3.0" post. Apologies well in advance.

I'm feeling a little wistful: Haha. Like my use of vocab? Tomorrow is the 2nd to last time I'll be doing light jig (unless I decide that I'm just not feeling it at the Gray feis, but seeing as how I paid, might as well go for it.) as well as the most likely the last time I'll be doing fast treble jig (definitely) and hornpipe (god I hope so). While it's exciting that I'm making my way up the ranks in the grades, I got those dances so solid, to the point where they had style and not a single missing treble. I know that my new hard shoe dances will get that good someday, they already have come so far, It's just a weird feeling, being done with dances.

I'm hopeful: There will be two trophies awarded. One for best overall performance and one for best potential or something like that. It would be amazing to get one, so I'm thinking positive, and I'm going to try to be confident and show the judge that I love to dance.

I'm anxious, but in a good way: I know I already said I was nervous, but this is more of a happy and looking forward to it kind of anxious. My teacher is making an announcement tomorrow. So huge of an announcement that she's wants all her dancers and families present instead of saying it over email. I'm hoping it's something like "We're getting an actual dance studio" or "We're going to be in an episode of Jigs and Wigs" (because how amazing would that be?!) I don't even know what else it could it be, so I'll report back when I know something!

Okay I gotta go make 20 turkey sandwiches for this bake/food sale I'm running tomorrow. Oh but one more thing. I know in a previous post I alluded to having some exciting and secretive news. Well, reading it back and having someone AWESOME :) ask made me realize that it sounded like I was well...pregnant. I'm not. But I do have exciting news to share that is dance related and amazing and once I can share it, I will. Who knows, maybe even tomorrow.



  1. Good luck at your feis and can't wait to read about it!!! :) That's great that you have a new slip jig step! I finished my first two grade exams a few weeks ago and am looking forward to learning new dances! Take care~!! :)

  2. That's so cool your school does a class feis! I wish our school did that. And about your personal announcement - is it that you get to do the Oireachtas this year?? Those are my two guesses. :) Good luck tomorrow!!