Monday, February 8, 2016

Double Feis Frenzy Day 2: The Shamrock School Feis

I wanted to post earlier but between errands and the super bowl and going to be bed because I thought I had school (I don't. Snow day #2 in a week) this post got pushed back to today. If you follow me on any other form of social media, you probably know how everything turned out, but here is the more detailed version.

Also...Hi Gabby? One of the girl's at my school came up to me before we danced yesterday and told me that she found my blog. I don't know if she means this one or my Tumblr, but anyway Hey girl! Congrats on your placements yesterday!

Okay, so I know most dancers don't have this problem, but feising is so much easier when you have someone with you to assist with things like having your shoes ready to change, or zipping up your dress (even though one the champ girl's mom's was walking by as I was putting it on and helped me out too.) having water and snacks on hand, etc. My mom had a last minute change of plans and was able to come with me yesterday and I'm so glad she did. It's nice to have someone to talk to and while 13 other people from my school were there yesterday and their mom's and my TC it was still nice to have my mom and not be just texting her. So if you are younger and you are reading this, appreciate your feis parent, because even when you 26 it's nice to have one!

The competition was fairly local and 4 of my six dances were after lunch so we took our time. When we got there we and like half the school watched a little peanut from my school dance her soft shoe and honestly, I feel like we messed her up because she was so excited that we were watching her that she was waving and dancing like a wild woman. My friend that was in my Horgan post competed as a full prizewinner and placed in 3 of her four dances so I'm pretty sure she's going to be leaving me in the dust before we can compete together. lol

I got to watch my friend Sara do her heavy round in the Senior Ladies prelim competition. It was amazing and someday I hope that I can watch the whole thing because I would love to see where I'm headed someday. Sara ended up getting 4th overall and I'm so happy for her! Eventually it got to be time for me to get dressed and warmed up for my final go in Advanced beginner hard shoe. My old Thursday class and my friend Keri from my Novice Prizewinner class were seriously half of the advanced beginner competition so that was pretty funny. I also got to dance with a really nice girl that I met at the O'Shea Chaplin Feis back in December who I think will probably be in Novice pretty soon! Her extension is beautiful!

You know how sometimes you have to get used to a venue or a floor? Well maybe you don't, but I find that for hard shoe sometimes I need to hear how dancing on the floor sounds and gauge how hard I need to attack. Well I came in right before my AB &over hard shoe so I didn't get to do that. We danced 3 at a time and while I think my Treble Jig was just as strong as O'Rourke, it wasn't loud as the other girls that were dancing. I ended up not placing, but other girls from my school did and I'm happy for them. Honestly I've gotten 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a 3rd since coming off ban so I think I don't have to prove myself to anyone. I signed up for Novice and slow Treble jig for my next feis so I think after my class feis next month, that one will officially be in retirement.

After hearing how loud everyone else sounded in the Treble Jig I definitely trebled harder in hornpipe. Though once again I think I was saved by the fact that three SRL girls had timing issues. Yesterday was the first time that I found I had to fight to get to the front for attention. Both of the girls I was dancing with shot up there right away so I made sure I did my jump 2,3s at an angle so I'd get some space. I did my bangs nice and loudly and ended up snagging a 3rd. Once again first place went to a classmate so I'm happy. I earned first, a second, and two thirds with that one. I really love slow hornpipe and I can't wait for it to be ready.

This was not my best weekend with Jockey. I'll be honest, it's my own fault. It's been neglected since I've started learning other things and since my practicing has gotten lax. I get through it, but it's mediocre. Just because it's harder than St. Patrick's day certainly saves me from being on the bottom of the ranks, but it's always 4th place and when its not for charity where everyone gets doesn't place. I don't like that. I want to place. If I want to recall at the Oireachtas it needs to be better. More on that later.

Novice soft were the last dances of the day and oh my goodness it was a big floor and we danced two at a time! I think now that this was my fourth feis doing something in Novice I'm getting less nervous about dancing. Honestly it's much nicer because people are actually my height and in my reel there was a woman that could have been a mom! See everyone? You don't ever have to stop dancing if you don't want to! But back to the dancing. I didn't dance first which I usually try to do, but no issues coming in on time. I thought my reel was strong, there were no problems in my slip jig and I tried to stay higher on my toes. I had a small flub in my Light Jig, but I think I recovered without it being super noticeable. I think the thing that had me initially discouraged me was that it really seemed like the judge was not watching. Like not even not watching me, but watching no one. In my slip jig I was literally right in front of his table (I'll be honest, I get mad when I think people aren't noticing me so I get right up there so they have no choice.) but this man seriously looked dead in the eyes, or like he was staring into space. I was convinced that I probably wasn't going to get anything, and honestly even though I was a bit disappointed, it was my second feis with my soft shoe dances in novice, and I placed in reel the day before, you can't win all the time. I took pictures with my TC (I met her mom! She's really nice!) and took my dress off, giving time for the results to go up. I figured we'd go check on our way out.

We get down there and I see that the results for my dances are up and at first I got confused because I saw my number from yesterday. (Which incidentally was Keri's number so yay for her!) Once I actually look down and remember what number is actually mine I scan the sheets again and have a heart attack. 3rd for Novice reel again. Then I see 3rd for Novice Slip Jig and when I saw my number in the top spot for Novice Light Jig I lost my crap. People were staring, people were saying "Oh my god how cute" as I was hugging my mother and crying but I don't think most people understand. I'm twenty-bleeping-six. I have two jobs, I have a husband that thinks all of this is a waste of time (though yesterday he told me that if I'm going to dance that he's glad that I'm good at it so yay?) I've only been dancing Irish for a year and 10 months and I've only been competing in & overs for 3 months. I'M PLACING IN NOVICE DANCES! I'M WINNING OUT OF NOVICE DANCES! I'M DONE WITH LIGHT JIG FOREVER. It's been over 24 hours and I'm still emotional about it. I'm beating girls ten years younger than me. I have been so bad about I'm actually angry that I'm doing so well despite that. So I got my medals and run around the venue looking for my teacher and she's sitting with a bunch of other parents and her mother and they're all happy for me and my TC looks stunned because I told her that I didn't think I was going to do anything and her mom's taking pictures of me because now that she's met me she's become "invested" and honestly the whole thing is a rush and I can't believe it happened. Sometimes I feel like I have these moments where I'm like "who am I kidding?" and then this happens and I'm like "I'm going to slay the entire world and prove to everyone that I can achieve my dreams. The next step for this plan: Prizewinner.

I'm done feising for a few months. We have a class feis next month, but with nothing really being local and St. Patrick's Day and my first grader's Siddur Party it seemed like too much. So I'm planning on April 2nd and 3rd for sure and possibly the 9th to make up for nothing in March. I'm not sad about the break though, because  now that I know I can place and contend with people in Novice I want to fix some things so that I'm that much more prepared. The big one, Getting off my heels. While the judge I was convinced wasn't watching me apparently was, he didn't give any comments. The other judge from yesterday and the two from O'Rourke had plenty to say about my heels though so I will be working on that. Turning out and crossing could always be improved and cleaning up my new hard shoe dances. Hopefully I'll have time to upgrade my slip jig too.

I know I've done really well up until now, but I need to get back on the practicing wagon. I know it's hard when I get home between 4:30 and 5, Sometimes I need to work at my second job and there are things to do at the house. Maybe I'll have to settle for 20 minutes during the week (even if that means during recess or specials at work if I have Big Y) and longer on the weekends. I mean I'm only going to have 5 dances to worry about now instead of versions for AB and versions for Novice so that's good. I feel like I've had so many accomplishments and I don't want to stop now. Soon it will be warm and it won't be hard, but until then I just need to push push push!

This has become a novel, but one more thing before I go. I am someone who is really motivated and moved my music and lyrics. Sia as usual, never disappoints. Whenever I hear this song I see myself dancing on the World's Stage and if I keep working I hope that dream will become a reality. So here's Unstoppable. (I need to make a play list of all these really motivating songs!)


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