Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Horgan Winter Feis and Other Things

It always seems that whenever I go to a Horgan feis, nature is always working against me. The feis they host in the summer, The Constitution State Feis, is held outside at an amusement park. It was my very first feis. It was an overcast day so there were barely any beginners or advanced beginners and I was the only one in the adult category. Despite that, I had a really great time. Today was my first Horgan Feis in & overs, and once again the weather made things interesting.

New England was pretty lucky and only got a fraction of the snow that other areas in the country received. Unfortunately, it was just enough snow and I think it deterred a lot of people. At least in my Advanced Beginner competitions. Obviously it didn't matter as I've already qualified everything for Novice, but the most today was four and in hard shoe it was me and one other girl (who I'm pretty sure I danced with last weekend too.) Even crazier, I was the only one who did my Novice light jig. But then 8 girls danced reel and slip jig...whatever it was good practice for when all my soft shoe is in Novice (2 weeks!) I still walked away with a first place trophy in that (It's literally the cutest trophy) as well as a first in Hornpipe and Treble Jig (So pumped!!! I tried to be as loud as I could and the judge was pretty much watching me) a second in reel and a third in slip jig. Didn't stop this time, but the judge wasn't really paying attention to me and I'll be honest, my slip jig needs the most work. Something to think about for next time.

I think the coolest thing about today is I had the experience of hanging out with people from my current dance school and my old one. I was worried that seeing old dance friends would be awkward and painful, but honestly once I stepped out of my comfort zone it was wonderful. My old classmate finally got the correct treble jig and placed out of advanced beginner.

I'm so happy for one of my current classmates Siobhan. She finally got her reel out of Novice and she won prizewinner slip jig! Yay! I love when everyone is successful!

No Traditional Set today. I signed up for it, but I was finished with all my dances at 11:30 and that competition didn't start until 3:45. I didn't really feel like waiting for 4 hours so I went home. Hopefully they will be closer at O'Rourke and Shamrock. Regardless, Things ran on time, it wasn't insanely crowded and results were quick. I knew my soft shoe results before it was time for hard shoe. Cannot beat that! I will be there again in April for sure!

In other news, I started learning my slow hornpipe. Remember how I thought it was so scary and daunting? I can do the first step to music and I learned it on Monday. I'm going to start the second step tomorrow. I always thought I was a jig girl, but seeing as how I'm still having some problems with the timing in my new jig, I guess I would do well in Reel/Hornpipe. The goal is to have my new hard shoe dances ready to go for April which I wont think will be a problem.

As for the performance side of things, I'm going to be in a few cool numbers. A slip jig 3 hand, a slip jig into a reel called Rangoon and I just learned a hornpipe treble reel piece by BEOGA! (Love them! Also it's what Alliyah O'Hare and her teacher danced to at her world's party) This is my first St. Patrick's day that I'm actually healthy and know enough to participate so I am pumped. Hopefully my Stamina will improve by then because holy crap multiple treble reels and I'm DEAD!

Okay it's getting late. I'm proud of how successful January was. Now to start working towards what's next!


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