Wednesday, January 6, 2016


    I love to do things like this! This sort of goes along with what I'd like to do now that the photo challenge is over, but I'll hopefully have more information about that soon. I also have stuff to update, but I'm waiting until my new Friday class is over before I report. I got this survey off an Adult Irish dancer blog on Tumblr so I can't take the credit, but if you would like to copy and paste your own answers go for it!
  • What level are you in: Advanced Beginner for hard shoe, Novice for soft shoe
  • Do you compete: Yes. Started out in adults and hated it. Now I'm in & overs.
  • How many dance teachers: At both schools I've only had one.
  • Biggest competition: Probably McGough, I danced against 7-14 people. Second would be O'Shea Chaplin. I loved that they combined age groups. That's happening next week for my AB dances but not my Novice ones, not that I think I'm going to win out of Novice already.
  • What shoes: Rutherford Hard shoes, Halluchan Reds for class and competition soft shoe. Fays Celtic choice for practice (they were too big so I don't mind wearing them outside or in the garage.) 
  • Days you go to class: Monday and Fridays, sometimes Thursdays too if I need to make things up.
  • Age group: Senior Ladies (you know once I'm in prelim)
  • Favorite Feis: Probably Lynn or Hartford. I should probably answer this in a few months as I am going to more competitions between now and April than I did the entire time I competed as an adult.
  • Favorite Dance: I feel like this changes often but usually it's reel or treble jig.
  • Least Favorite Dance: I really don't hate any of them. Hornpipe gives me trouble at competitions but I think it sounds so gorgeous when it's in time with the music.
  • Dress: I currently wear my school's intermediate dress and in terms of school dresses, it's beautiful. Black velvet with red and white embroidery and some bling. I will have no problem wearing that dress until late prizewinner or prelim (I'm working two jobs just to cover class and feis costs!)
  • Fake Tan: I don't wear any at the moment. The jury is out on if I ever will. I understand why people do it, but I don't know. It's really the fact that it's one more expense.
  • Wig color: I think it's medium an 8 or a 10 (I can't remember if the higher the number, the light the shade or the opposite)
  • Do you think you’re good at dancing: I think that I dance pretty well for my situation (full time job, 26 years old) and for how long I've been dancing Irish. But to stack me against a girl in the champ class...hell no not even close. But I'll get there someday.
  • Favorite Award: They are all special in their own way, but probably my Hartford feis first or O'shea Chaplin First for my Novice set.
  • Set Dances: I compete with Jockey to the Fair. I also know St. Patrick's Day and Blackbird. As for Contemporary I'd like to do The Humours of Bandon someday!
  • Favorite Move: The bicycle leap! Front clicks too, I am determined to get them!
  • Least Favorite Move: I'm still not crazy about rocks, though they are getting better.
  • Best at: Light Jig or Treble Jig
  • Worst at: Treble Reel. I can't get comfortable with how fast I have to move my feet. That and I have all these songs that I think would be great to dance to, but no idea what I would actually chreograph.
  • How far away is dance: There are two locations, though I primarily go to the one that's further away because that's where the Novice/Prizewinner class is. It's an hour from home and 20 minutes from work. The other location is 30 minutes from home and 15 minutes from work. TC's home studio is 10 minutes from home and 30 minutes from work.
  • How many times have you transferred schools: Once. Best decision I ever made.
  • Rally, Shuffle, Batter, Treble, Butter: Current TC says treble, Old TC said treble and batter
  • Number of perpetuals: None, but how cool would that be?
  • Best Placement: No majors yet.
  • Dance Shoe Size: 4.5 for hard shoes, 5.5 for soft shoes
  • Can you do freeze leaps: Not often. Still have problems with jumping confidently because of my shins!

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  1. Fun survey! Thanks for posting! I filled it out, too, for my new blog (just started one about a week ago since I have a lot of time on my hands right now). It's under an old nickname from middle school. Good luck at your feis!