Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Something New for 2016

Okay I've been alluding to it for a while and now that I've becoming complete obsessed with a few YouTube channels I'm just going to dive in and try something new and hopefully fun for 2016.

I want to try my hand at vlogging. (A blog that is also a video, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that)

I've been following a few people on YouTube that finally tipped me over the edge to try it out. If you have free time, want to feel inspired, and don't mind teenagers being silly, I highly recommend No More Irish Dancin' Treble and Delaney Irish Dances on YouTube. NMIDT has a few vlogs but she also does some great tutorials and other things. I have recently become addicted to Delaney Irish Dance's Feis Vlogs (she even has a theme song for them) because she's quirky and I love how supportive all her school mates are of each other...but I'm getting off topic here.

While I personally think that I'm too old to be walking around a feis talking to a camera and taping minors, I do like the idea of doing an occasional post and making it a video. The best way I think that I can do that is starting off with a Q and A video. I'll be posting something similar on my Tumblr because I love getting questions on there and I miss the days of the Myspace and Facebook Note surveys!

So that being said, I need questions! You can comment your questions below or if you follow my tumblr (something-eclectic.tumblr.com) you can submit it there. They don't necessarily have to be only dance questions, but since that's the theme of both my tumblr and this blog that should probably be the focus.

Also any suggestions on any other adult Irish dance themed vlog topics?

4 days until Feis Na Blain Nua
11 Days until Horgan


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