Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goals, Not Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good holiday. The break has been super restful for me, but I'm looking forward to getting back to class as I have a feis in a few weeks and I while I've been practicing I feel a lot better when my TC is there to give feedback.

Seeing as how it is New Year's Day (or it will be for a little longer) I figured that it would a good time to look towards the year a head. I can't take the credit for the title of my post. A good dancing friend of mine said that 2016 would be about goals and not resolutions and I have to agree. Resolutions are easy to give up or lose track of, where I feel like setting goals has really been working for me.

I made these goals when I first transferred and they can be seen on my goals page. Granted these are supposed to be done by my 27th birthday but no harm in seeing the progress now.

-Get into Novice: My set and Light Jig will be in Novice as of my feis on the 17th and all my soft shoe will be in Novice by February. All that leaves is Treble jig and Hornpipe. Technically I have a third in TJ but my slow tempo hard shoe wont be ready for a while. I feel confident that all my dances will be in Novice by my birthday.

 -Learn Slow hard shoe steps: This is definitely a work in progress. I've been lucky enough to be in a class where I can watch people do their Novice and Prizewinner steps. I know bits and pieces of both the slow TJ and hornpipe and I've been doing the slow tempo warm ups since October or so. I can't confidently say that I know my new steps, but I'm going to be needing them soon so like I said, by May I'd be upset if I don't.
-Better turn out and crossing in all dances: I know for a fact that this has vastly improved, but I still have more room to grow, especially in hard shoe.
-More confidence in hard shoe dances: I would also say that this has improved so much since transferring. I also practice my hard shoe more than anything else I do so I'm hoping it will pay off eventually. Now if I could just do a feis where I don't have some sort of problem with a hard shoe flub that would be awesome!
-Be able to go on toe: There's no need to be really focusing on this right now. None of my steps have any toe stands in them and I've been focusing on other things (like clicks!), but I'm a little less scared about walking around up there for a few seconds.
-Stay Healthy: I'm the most proud of this one. Besides one really bad shin splint flare up in the summer and a sore hip flexor after I made up a class with the champs, I am so happy that I've been almost pain free. That and I've gotten so much more toned and healthy because of dance!

Okay I think I'm in good shape for May but I'd like to add these for 2016 as well.

-Place in Novice Dances
-Win a Novice dance or two and begin preparing for Prizewinner
-Dance 17&over for Traditional Set at the Oireachtas

Looking forward to making these goals complete! What are your goals for 2016?



  1. makes sense...
    great way to kick start the year

  2. Hi Kay! I commented on your blog awhile ago, saying that you had inspired me to create my own blog. Well, I just now finally got around to making my first post (and changed my name!) in case you want to read it when you have a chance! :) major procrastination there. Also, can you let me know any other adult dancer blogs you read? I'd really like to follow some more.

    As for my 2016 goals- I haven't made them yet, but I hope to sometime this week. Lately I've been trying to take stock of my "ultimate Irish dance goals'" as ive just hit the 5 year mark in my career, and I'm at a bit of a crossroads. But I think I've got that a little more clear now, so I will work on 2016 goals next. :) Have a great weekend, and happy new year!

    1. Yay! So excited that you started blogging and I will definitely check your blog out right after I finish typing this reply!

      I follow Confessions of an Adult Irish Dancer. She's a very similar story to me, she's married, has a big girl job and she's in & overs. She started out at the very beginning and some of her dances are in prizewinner now!

      My absolute favorite is Rince Go Bragh. Sara is teacher in Virginia and she inspires me so much because she's 26 and she's an open champ! She hasn't updated in while, but she's been doing her blog since '08 or '09 so there's plenty to occupy you.

      I don't know if you do Tumblr but I know lots of Super senior ladies on there too!

  3. Sounds like some good, attainable of luck to you! You might not need to worry too much about the going up on toes yet...I was in a prizewinner class for 2 years and didn't do any toework.