Monday, January 18, 2016

Feis Na Blain Nua

I'm looking forward to giving you the play by play of my how my first feis of 2016 went. It was certainly an experience.

I woke up at 6:30 to shower and do my hair and make up. I tried to do my hair a bit differently, instead of poof first than bun, I did my bun and then teased the crap out of my poof. It looked a lot bigger or more natural and you couldn't see the doughnut through my hair. After doing everything, I met my mother at her house and we picked up my aunt before we headed to Tarrytown NY for the Kelly Oster Feis.

The feis was in a gigantic hotel and despite that it was literally the most crowded competition that I have ever been to. Wall to wall people in the ballrooms and most hallways, no where to sit and wait between competitions. I literally dropped my stuff in a square foot space, took my valuables and hoped for the best. My ballroom was a sea of people, and ended up running almost 3 hours behind. Despite that, I thought people were really nice and easy going and everyone I danced with was lovely.

Novice light jig was first and I was dancing against 4 other girls. I don't know if I was really nervous because it was my first Novice competition where there were enough to matter or if it was because my breakfast was not substantial but I was so nervous. My heart was racing, I was shaking and clammy. Despite that I came in at the right time and I thought that it went pretty well, there were no flubs or problems and I smiled. I was also the only girl who had a lead around so I figured I had it in the bag. I didn't even place. At first I was disappointed. I figured with only five girls that I would have got something. But it was only my first competition in Novice and after I got the results last night, I got 4th out of 5th so it could have been worse. Judge said I was rushing...and maybe I was. It just didn't feel like it at the time.

So fast forward like two hours later and I finally got to dance my advanced beginner dances and I had the awkward experience of dancing with a girl from my old school. Like she's old enough that we were both in 10+ advanced beginner. My heart was breaking for her because a) her mother is still crazy and was yelling at the stage hand and b) because my old TC still has her doing an slow Treble Jig in Advanced beginner. She did a noble attempt at doing it in time with the fast music, but she didn't place. Like I literally want to scream at both of them! She will be in Advanced beginner forever if that doesn't change. The hard shoe dances went really well (you know, no serious problems in either.) They were fairly loud and I didn't miss many beats. I got a 2nd in Treble Jig, which is an improvement from O'Shea Chaplin and was one point away from first (Not sad because it was my classmate that won) I need to point my toes when I cut and lift more in the back, which are things that my TC already tells me. I'm also proud that I managed to place in Hornpipe with a 3rd. I was three points from first, but again just pleased to have gotten through it and made an improvement.

After that I went and I did my traditional set in a HUGE competition. I was the only one who danced Jockey and I seriously think that it is working to my advantage. I got 4th out of 10th! 18 people signed up but the marks made it sound like not everyone danced. The beginning was not as solid as when I did it at O'Shea Chaplin, but that hard section still went well. I got a medal for that one and I'm looking forward to seeing where Jockey to the Fair takes me in the future.

The end of the day were my final two soft shoe dances and honestly I was so hungry and tired that I'm surprised that it didn't go worse. Reel went okay, I had much more room to move this time and I ended up getting 2nd, an improvement from last competition and I was 2 points away from first. As it seems that I always have some sort of timing issue that messes me up so that I don't place in something, yesterday's demon was slip jig. Every now and again in class I want to start my second step in the middle of my first step and that makes me completely confused so I have to stop. This has happened so many times I asked if I could do my new "nov-winner" lead around instead but it's really too hard for Advanced Beginner (plus after this coming weekend it won't be a problem as it will be moving to Novice.) So I made that mistake and had to stop for a few seconds. Same Judge as Novice light jig...I was done. My marks said I got 7th out of 10 so it could have been worse! Silver lining!

So as much as it was insanely crowded and not exactly organized in places, the people were lovely, I loved that it had a rotating panel of judges, there were fast results, and I got three trophies. I have a feeling that I might be back next year! I think the most exciting thing to announce is that I'VE OFFICIALLY QUALIFIED ALL MY DANCES FOR NOVICE! I'm so proud because this was well before my birthday dead line and I still have 3 more chances to improve those placements. I am definitely planning on eating a better breakfast next weekend because I wonder how I would have fared if wasn't shaking from adrenaline, hungry, and hurting from standing in small shoes for hours and hours.

I also saw Cosette Debourbon in the flesh. That was pretty cool.

Now to do it all over again!


PS. The Vlog is in progress!

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