Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Final Countdown!

The O'Shea Chaplin schedule and competitor list are out. I'm competitor number 1, which I am taking as a good omen (That and that apparently I was the first one to register for the feis LOL)

There are 11 hours and change until my transfer ban is lifted.

There are 4 days, 19 hours and some change until the feis on Sunday starts.

This is getting very real!

So now it's time for that post that I've been promising. Scale of 1-10 on how I feel for this weekend.

Reel: 9 Barring any focus brain farts, this should go fine.
Light Jig: 10 So ready and excited for this one.
Slip Jig: 8.5/9 Like reel, when I'm focused this goes really well.
Treble Jig 9/9.5 Really, really love this dance. Cannot wait to rock this.
Hornpipe: 8.5/9 Excited to stamp and make everyone look at me, hopefully no balance issues.
(There are between 7-10 people in these competitions! I'm definitely the oldest though!)

Jockey to the Fair: Surprisingly, I am the only one in this dance. Even more surprisingly...I am the only one in any Novice 15+ dance at all. I attributing this to the fact that set dances don't count towards becoming a prizewinner so they felt no need to combine me with any other age groups. Feeling pretty good about it, I'd give it an 8. There's just one tricky rhythmic section that's quiet but I'm confident that I will get through it just fine. Plus now the pressure's off!

Single Jig: 8. The lead is fine. Every now and again I have a brain issue with the second step but I'm hoping that's all behind me. I'm definitely going in with low expectations with this one because while I am one of three, I'm almost certain the other two dancers are champs. You never know right?

I feel confident, I feel ready. Mostly I just feel excited. :) School dresses are on their way...my bloomer are apparently back ordered. Bike shorts I guess?


  1. Good luck at the feis! That's so exciting that you finally get to dance in "and-overs." Hopefully I will get there someday. Go show 'em what "older" dancers can do! -Wendy K

  2. Thanks! I really hope that you get to dance your way to champs someday soon. I don't want to sound like I creep but I'm on the adult Irish dance Facebook Page and I heard you have super exciting things going on in your life too. Congrats and Good luck!