Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We've finally made it! We've reached the end of the photo challenges and I don't about you but I am so happy to move on to bigger and better things! Sorry to my subscribers who probably got a bunch an emails saying that I posted today!

Without further ado...Day 30: A picture of you winning something.

I'm actually going to post a video of me doing my 1st place Jockey to the Fair since I know some of you might not be familiar and because I don't have any pictures of myself winning an award, just the wall with my number on it or my bling afterwards. This was probably the best I've ever done my set (unlike today where I was dancing on a 2x2 sheet of plywood where I didn't know where to move and then it slipped during the end!)

Very happy to have completed this challenge though I have been at it for a while now. New ideas for 2016. Look for a post around new years.


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