Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Testing Your Limits vs. Knowing Your Limits

The New England Oireachtas are this weekend! I'm really sad that I'm not going this year, but I'm hopeful that I will be there for at least traditional set this time next year. I'm so excited for my six school mates that will be there as well as several of my friends that will be doing senior ladies or adult solos. The same goes for my MARO ladies next weekend, knock 'em dead everyone!

Anyway, because this week was crazy with my husband's birthday and the O festivities starting on Thursday my only option for a make up class was with the champ class last night. *Using my best Phoebe from The Magic School Bus impression* At my old school everyone in advanced beginner to open champ was in the same class. But with the exception of drills we didn't often all work together. Last night's class was a challenge. First of all, it was two hours long, my current classes are an hour and a half and I also helped out in the beginner class for about 20 minutes so by 8 I was dead. My TC even said I looked dead. Second was that I was in a class with 2 prelim girls and one open champ. While I did my Novice steps in between their dances, I did their warm up and drills with them. It was really cool because I got to try things that I've never done before. I did bicycle leaps and birdies and while they didn't look like the people's actually in the class, I know that someday they will. I felt like I kept up with most of the workout and I'm super proud of myself because I overcame something that I never thought I would do since having shin splints last year. I've been really scared to jump since my injury, and since transferring I've had some good progress going across the floor or in my steps, but last night I was able to jump with both feet at the same time onto one of those red work out boxes. Granted it was the smallest one but YAY PROGRESS.

So to bring this back to my title. It was really cool to have the opportunity to dance with the level of dancer that I want to be someday. Two of three girls are competing this weekend and it was so interesting to watch them and see their physical as well as mental mindset. These ladies have been training since the summer for this moment. Am I ready to be in the champ class full time? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I was sore before I even left the class, I definitely pulled a muscle from doing some of those complicated soft shoe drills. I also bled through one of my socks which I have never done before (still kind of cool, though gross) I'm definitely where I need to be class wise. I'm ready to dominate my December Feis. However, I hope I'm in that class in a few years.

Finally, sounds like I'll be dancing completely in Novice by January or February. It all depends on how O'Shea Chaplin goes. So now I need to just focus on that. Last night with the exception of Jockey and Hornpipe everything was better the second time. It needs to be that good ALL the time!

Okay, talk to you later,


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