Thursday, November 19, 2015

Irish Dance Photo Challenge Day 22

I WANT TO FINISH THIS SO BAD. It's hard to find to time to blog regular updates, this...forget about it. Anyway...

Day 22: A picture of the reason why you started Irish Dance.

Due to my former students being minors, I don't feel comfortable posting their pictures without their or their parent's permission. However, there were about half a dozen girls during my stint at the Catholic school that danced at two of the shoreline schools in my state. One in particular used to dance in my classroom and gave me the spark to see what was out there. It reminded me of how I'd always wanted to try it. It made me watch even more parade of champion videos. I couldn't get over how happy this child was when she danced, and now I understand why. :)

It's bittersweet to see these girls at competitions now. They look at me like they remember me, but I was their teacher and I also look different in the get up so I could see why they would be a bit shy. I'm happy to see that many of them are Prizewinners or more. I wish them luck. Sadly there are no Irish Dancers at my current school. (Orthodox Jewish Day School) But maybe that will change someday?

So since I can't post my former students, here is a picture of an Irish Dancing toddler I found on google. You have to admit...she's pretty cute.

Almost there,


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