Tuesday, October 20, 2015

An update...Finally.

I've been wanting update for a while now, but working two jobs, having class and practicing, weddings, bat mitzvah's, other commitments, and honestly choosing to sleep over posting took precedence. But here I am with plenty to say. Probably too much to say, but here we go!

If you follow me on Tumblr you saw most of my pictures from when we went out west to see my brother and go to his wedding. Western Region people: I am envious of your mountains. They are so beautiful! It also didn't rain the entire time we were in Washington which I find hilarious. We did a lot of sight seeing and eating. My brother's wedding was small and fun. I even was able to practice a bit because the apartment building we were staying in had a nicer studio than my school has. (Was also crazy expensive to actually live there.) I am glad to be home though.

House Business
Our closing was pushed back. (I can't remember if I wrote about this already) We are now set to close 10/28 if not earlier. I'm a bit concerned that 10 days is not a lot of time for paper work that has to be mailed. But I'm hoping that it will all work out. I need to be able to practice in my garage or 3 Season room because there is no room that isn't outside here.

I've been practicing a lot and I feel like it's really starting to pay off in class. I previously mentioned that I have my three Novice soft shoe dances learned. I'm starting to feel really confident about them and I'm looking forward to getting to the point where I don't have to think about what comes next while I'm dancing. I'm the most proud about hard shoe. I am so close to learning slow speeds that I can taste it. I've been practicing the drills at home, I have pretty much figured out how the drills fit together to make the steps, TC has been having us work clicks galore. While I feel that these are improving (I didn't even know how to do them before a few weeks ago) my issue is consistency. I'll hit a handful across the floor one time, none the next. I'll hit a front click so loud that everyone in my class freaks out while I'm fooling around but come time to do it to music and nothing but air. This goes back to the fact that my practice space is a newly stained deck that I don't want to scuff or ruin so I dance on a tiny sheet of plywood (floor is still at my parents) so I can do one low kick before I'm off the board. I've got plenty of time to get my clicks solid and I'm not expecting to have my Novice Hard shoe dances under my belt before my ban is lifted. I am just so thrilled at how much progress I'm making. I wish I could practice everyday.

Other Irish Dance Related Things
I finally got new soft shoes. Holy crap they hurt my toes. I have to wear them in class tomorrow and I'm a wee bit scared that it's going to be a god awful bit of soft shoe. Hopefully they break in some what quickly because I think their going to make me look that much better (Right now with my old shoes it looks like I'm not really pointing my toes.) In other exciting news I've got 51 days until my ban is lifted. Which means I'm so close to being done that I'M REGISTERED FOR A FEIS! Yup I sent in my O'shea Chaplin stuff last week. I'm signed up for Advanced Beginner Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, Treble Jig and Hornpipe. I'm doing Novice Traditonal Set (Mostly because it's only offered in Novice and up at this feis) and a Single Jig Special. I'm so excited, but currently feeling guilty that I'm sitting on my butt blogging when I should be practicing. (It's SO COLD outside!)

The Torrington Feis
Last weekend I went to the Torrington Feis as a spectator and assistant to my TC. I'm very disappointed that I missed this feis for a second year (No adults last year, dancing ban this year) but I had a blast anyway. I helped my TC in the morning because she had 8 dancers dancing in three separate places all at the same time. I helped the begginners get ready and watched them all compete while my teacher watched two of her girls that are going to the oireachtas. After that, I ate some food, bought some feis swag (I finally have sock glue) and I had the really great experience of getting to hang out with my teacher and watch some really great dancing just her and I. One of the most wonderful things about this transfer has been that she is so easy to talk to. While she gives me great compliments or constructive criticism in class it was nice to talk about dance and goals in a different setting. I feel very confident that she believes in all of us dancers and I look forward to what I'll accomplish when I can finally put it to good use.

It was a really great day, not only did I spend plenty of time with my dance family, but I also met a girl who is my age and in prelim that I've been talking to on Tumblr. It was so fun to finally meet and I was so sad I didn't get to see her (or the girl at my school in her category) dance because I had to leave for work. I hope I do soon. But I'm telling you Irish dance is this really amazing group of people who are mostly nice and supportive because we all have crazy passion for this art form and sport and we want to see it get better and better. (well I do at least)

Parting Thoughts
As usual looking forward to the future. I plan on finishing my photo challenge because I had this great idea for something different to do on here next. I'll get more into that later. For now I leave you with this.

Things to work on: Clicks, not missing any sounds in any hard shoe dances so I can "move on with my life." :) Remember all my AB and Novice dances. Find out if Pender Keady is having their feis, then sign up for it.



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