Monday, September 14, 2015

The Good and the Bad


I've got about half an hour until I have to leave for dance class and I felt like sharing how wonderful this past week was, plus a little embarrassing story. Thus the theme of this entry; the good and the bad.

The Good:
It was a really productive week. I finished learning Jockey ( and I LOVE IT SO MUCH) Here's hoping that I will continue to make progress on it. I also learned a Novice reel step and Novice Slip jig step this week.

I got the check for my dress and I went and deposited it today. We finally got paper work for it a few nights ago so I will be paying that baby in full as soon as the money clears. It sounds like it won't be here until the end of December so I will probably be doing the leotard skirt thing for O'Shea Chaplin but we'll see.

Finally I got an order form for SRL swag today! I'm FINALLY going to have a jacket with my school and name on it. "This is it, I'm living baby." haha But in all seriousness, being treated like I'm an equal is so fantastic. I should have transferred sooner!

The Bad:
Okay, so here's my story. I had a dance out on Saturday and the odds were just against me. I tried to go to the bank and thank God I plugged the info into my GPS and found out if I left immediately I would get there right when I was supposed to meet them. So I abandon my bank plans and start heading there and what happens? I get stuck behind a garbage truck for like 30 minutes. Then when I finally get there it takes me one road away from where I'm supposed to be. It was a fair, I'm looking for rides, anything. Literally nothing. So I get back on the highway. My teacher calls me to tell me that it's behind the shopping center I was parked at. At this point I was shaking, in tears and angry. LIKE WHO HAS A FAIR BEHIND A SHOPPING CENTER (My town has a HUGE county fair it's not like this) I finally got where I was supposed to go, parked and ran to the stage we were performing on, I'd already missed my light jig and slip jig. I throw my shoes on just in time to do reel. Meanwhile little baby beginner goes "Uh..Kay, where were you? *hair flip* You missed jig and slip jig. (She's super adorable. It was actually pretty funny) My teacher was okay with it. My reel and St. Pat's went fine. BUT I NEVER WANT TO FEEL LIKE THAT AGAIN! I have another performance this weekend and I'm hoping for a much better experience.

Okay that's all for now. Gotta go.

To another productive week,


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