Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm Gonna Show You How Great I Am!

Had my first week of classes and I'm feeling quite proud of myself. There has been a lot of craziness going on in my life and several occasions where the question has come up "Why don't you take some time off from dance? You won't have to work two jobs, it's not like you can compete right now anyway. Just practice at home and get really good and come January you can start up again." People don't understand that dance keeps me sane, dance gives me something to look forward to, and most importantly dance makes me happy. I'm willing to sacrifice because I can see the improvements and I know that my goals will be reached.

Monday I had my first class in South Windsor and it's the Novice/Prizewinner class. There's six of us and I swear it's just magic. There are three of us older girls (College age and up) and three younger girls. The youngest is 8 but we all have the same work ethic and I feel like I'm going to learn so much. The warm up is more intense than anything I did at my old school or anything I did in the class I was in June but it's going to be so worth it. Tuned up my hornpipe, ran my reel and novice light jig and started Jockey to the Fair. I don't know if it's purely mental, or the fact that I worked with my friend last weekend on it but I really love Jockey and can't wait to compete with it once my ban is lifted. Best part? NO ROCKS!

I have lots of goals, you know this, but I think my biggest goal is to be completely in Novice and working towards Prizewinner by my 27th birthday. To do this, I must be prepared as possible in class so I'm trying to practice more than I did before. This can be a challenge because A) I don't have the appropriate practice space and B) I can't wear the appropriate foot wear on said inappropriate practice space. (We're going to get my floor when we finally move. ugh) I find that I have this problem where I start making progress in class and then I practice and over do it and my shins kill me. Wednesday this happened, I practice in sneakers on my deck for a solid 45 minutes and I was sore before I even got to class on Thursday. I ended up having today be a rest day even thought I wanted to practice. It's frustrating though I'm hoping it will all work out and my body will get used to what I'm throwing at it. I also swam at the pool that night so that was a great workout day.

Thursday's class is technically an Advanced Beginner/Novice class but it's much closer to home and technically until I feis in December or my TC tells me other wise I'm still an Advanced Beginner. There are four of us for the first hour and then two prelim girls come in and work while we finish the last half hour of our class. This group of girls are nice enough...and it's not as though they don't love dance, there is one girl who was already asking about harder steps. They just talk an awful lot and I don't think the work ethic is there yet. I definitely feel like I know the most, but after watching those prelim girls dance...I know I have a lot of work to do, but I will get in that class with them. I'm determined.

That goes to the title of my post. A rip off of the great Muhammad Ali. I'm sitting here feeling really inspired. Not just because I have a great teacher or that I got to hopefully see a glimpse of my future, but I finally feel like I'm thriving and I'm getting better. That I actually belong in classes that have the name Novice in them. My TC has been giving me such great feedback and whatever corrections I get I try so hard to apply and fix them between one class and the next and it seems like it's paying off. She kept on saying to the other girls in the Thursday class "Watch Kay if you don't remember." Or "I know you know this." She had me give demonstrations and she had me do cool downs at the end of class so she could work with the prelim girls. I want to keep on showing my TC and myself how great I can be and I want to dominate once I get back into the competitive scene. Like I said, I want to be in that prelim class. I want to be going to the Oireachtas next year. I want my dream dress with my Lithuanian Coat of Arms for a cape. I'm going to make it happen. If my legs would just keep up that would be awesome!

Well that's pretty much it for me. Oh...except that SOMEONE FINALLY BOUGHT MY DRESS! So freaking happy. Honestly after all this, I recommend just bringing your dress to feisanna and telling your friends about it. I've had it on multiple websites with only a few bites that lead no where and I gave my friend the dress for one week and now it's gone. Now I can finally get measured for my school one and I won't have to wear something awkward come December!

My bed is calling!


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