Monday, August 3, 2015

My First Irish Dance Performance, The Rest of Camp, and What's to Come

Hooray for blogging!

Okay, so now that I'm getting back on track with the photo challenge (and I'm coming to the sad conclusion that I need more pictures of myself dancing and at competitions) lets talk about the other comings an goings in my Irish dance world.

Rockville Public Library Performance:
Thursday I went down to Rockville for my first performance as a student at my new school as well as the first non-competitive performance I've done weird dancing I did with colorguard in my undergrad? Anyway I was one of five and I did all my soft shoe and my set. I'm a perfectionist so I wasn't completely satisfied because there were a few flubs and I slipped during my set. (The floor was really slippery and I had taped the bottoms of my shoes but not the heels. But overall I can't complain and I know the next performance will be even better. It was also nice to meet people from the South Windsor Studio that I will be in class with on Mondays. The only unfortunate thing about the performance was that we danced on tile on top of evil basement concrete floor and I was limping when it was all over and done with. :( Honestly it was the nail in the coffin for Friday. I'll get to that next. But like I said, I had a really enjoyable time and I'm seriously my TC's fangirl. She's so GOOD. Like I see why she was the top 20 at the worlds and won the Munsters. I want to be as good as her someday!

Thursday and Friday of Camp:
Have I mentioned that I love my new school? Because I really really do. :) I feel like I really worked on the drills and basics last week and that they were so much better at the end of the week. My TC is really great about getting you to think about things different and getting you to use your body in different ways. I mean she told me that my turn out and foot placement in hard shoe was good. That blows my mind, and I'm so grateful. I also feel like I'm dancing higher up on my toes, my overs are a bit more normal and my set is almost presentable. I am excited to announce that I have one full novice dance under my belt and I still have four months until I can feis. We talked about our goals for one year from now and she didn't think getting ready for prizewinner was unrealistic. The only thing that made the rest of the week not absolutely magical was that my shins were in awful shape by the end of softshoe on friday, to the point that I was crying. I'm sure this was do to a combination of that awful floor Thursday and dancing for 3 straight hours for five days. I had more breaks in between classes at CRC. I think I may have to replace my soft shoes to get something with more padding because as soon as I put my hard shoes on my shins were better. My toenails are black and blue but I was able to end camp on a good note.

What's next:
-A week off to save my legs
-Hopefully a private lesson
-practice and retain everything I learned at both camps!
-class in 27 Days
-Ban lifted in about 4 months!

Feeling happy,


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