Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Updates and Things Part 2: Feis Marks and SRL

This past Sunday was my third feis. The first feis I went to you had to pay and get your marks by mail and the second you had to wait in line to get them. This time they were put up on the internet! I was able to print them out and highlight them so I can show my TC. I feel even better about my results now that I've taken a look at them and they also give me a good idea of what to work on for the next feis which is just over three weeks away!

Reel: Neat excution. Turn out. Livelier.
Light Jig: Turn out.
Slip Jig: It's either listen or livelier (it's almost illegible).
Treble Jig: More sound in trebles and beats
Hornpipe: Don't rush. Turn out more.
Set: Practicing brushing the leg straight out on floor. Attack beats more.

So it looks like I need to look up turn out drills. I'm also hoping that finally having hard shoes that fit will help some of my hard shoe problems. That or I need to dance angry. As for livelier the only thing I can think of is higher jumps, more jumps, and more movement. I'm going to confirm with my TC just to be certain.  I suppose the same thing could apply to slip jig but "listen" also makes sense as I had a bit of a timing issue in my second step. As for Don't rush...I'm at a loss. Practice it slower? I feel like that is TC's answer to everything wrong with hornpipe.

It was pretty exciting because with my reel and light jig I was only two points shy of first place. With my treble jig I was only two points from second. There were three points between last and the next place in slip jig and hornpipe but like I said, there were timing issues in both of them. Even my set was not as undeserving as I thought. It was my second highest score of the day.
I didn't have a chance to post about this earlier (I was a bit busy with other things) but last week I went to check out the school that is willing to let me compete in & overs and is still CLRG. Here's what I noticed.

The Pros:
-NO PARENTS OR SIBLINGS. They are allowed to pick up and drop off but they can't stay and observe/nag their children/make noise and be distracting/etc. I was ready to sign up just because of that.
-A type of class similar to what I was used to growing up. Warm ups. Steps and performance things and class ended with a cool down stretch.
-Class was exactly an hour. It didn't start late, it didn't go over (I don't care about that but I imagine someone who has other children or activities might).
-TC was in complete control and was encouraging but firm. Not that my current TC isn't but he's a bit scattered and we often do our own thing when he's working with other people.
-TC was so easy to talk to. I got there a little early while she was still setting up and it wasn't awkward. We spoke freely. She told me that she personally knows people even older than me at the Oireachtas we even discussed hard shoes before the kids came in. I don't think it would be hard to tell her my goals and feelings about things without worrying about her reaction.
-Bigger room
-Safer location
-Both locations not far from work or home.
-Recitals and performance opportunities
-She travels to competitions (I talked with her at the feis! My current TC was at home...)
-Someone else is an "adult" and in & overs like me already! (She wasn't in the class but I met her at the feis yesterday and she was super nice too! It would be easy to work with her. Also an excuse to go to the other location too.)

The Cons:
-In the class I observed I didn't get to see any hard shoe. It was on a different night.
-The next oldest person was probably in 5th grade. One girl was like 5 (BUT SO CUTE OMG!) but I'm not sure where I would end up based on what I already know, how fast I pick things up in the summer and how quickly I place into novice.
-Tile floor (not that it's much worse than laminate wood floor).

So after all this, plus what she and I talked about on the phone and in emails I am going to take the plunge and transfer to SRL (I can give the full name once it's official) in June either after the Hartford Feis or the last week of class. Part of me is a bit torn about really tweaking my steps or learning anything new between now and then because I will just have to forget everything and start over this summer. That's not to say that I won't apply corrections to what I will be competing on the 30th and 7th because I want to be successful but I don't know if it's worth starting a slow treble jig (as much as that kills me to refuse) or anything else new.  It's going to be hard. I keep on saying this, but my current TC is not a jerk. In fact as much as one of the people I emailed pissed me off, she was right. I did learn so much in a year (really less because of my injury) but I've found someone who will treat me as an equal not a novelty and push me to achieve my goals and dreams. It will be tough to say goodbye to a few of the people I dance with, but I'll see them at competitions and around. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it when I'm in champs. I want to be a person that inspires people to never give up and to do that I need to do what works for me.


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