Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well I did it. I survived my double dance class week. While I would say that I am still not completely back to my pre-injury self (I'm sitting out during ceili work) I am feeling pretty good. I'm sore, but my whole body is sore from using muscles that I haven't really worked hard since November and because I bought a foam roller. It's AMAZING. But using it has caused lots of my muscles to protest besides my legs. But I'm being hopeful that they will get used to my new daily regiment and I will be better than ever!

The pros of this week: With the exception of half a treble jig step I have a full arsenal for my first May Feisanna. I went over my second slip jig step and I've upgraded my hornpipe and reel! I have also worked some overs back into my steps and so far everything feels okay.

The cons of this week: As to be expected, I've lost some of my technique in my months of convalescence. I'm sloppy with my crossing and turn out. My set needs a real good polish. Though my stamina is improving each class, I think the biggest issue is that I've gotten back into the (bad) habit of stopping when I make a mistake and I CAN'T keep doing that.

Overall I'm pleased with how the week went and I'm looking forward to improving even more. I have to because the girl that was stopping in the middle of her dances last night was not & over material. She was barely adult championship material so I'm hoping to give my legs a few days off and then I need to at least walk steps through or do them slowly. This is partly because I have...

 22 Days until the Lynn Academy Feis & 49 Days until the McGough Academy Feis!

I'm more nervous about the second because I will be competing with 5 or more people in some of the dances! That means I have the potential to move up to novice if I don't suck! How do you not suck? You work you ass off, so shins you better cooperate.

Short Term Things to work on: Confidence and dancing through mistakes, turn out, crossing.
Long Term Things to Work on: Finish Treble Jig, Polish my Set, learn new reel step (maybe)

Off I go,


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