Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Week Until the Lynn Feis!

Prepare for a long post full of (mostly) Irish Dance related things!

1. As I stated in the title, this time next week I should be home from the Lynn Feis, having dinner with my father on his birthday. The deadline to register is today and as of right now it will be me and 2 other people! While I'm a bit sad that I will not have the opportunity to move up to novice if I get a third or better, I am thrilled to NOT BE ALONE. I'm also thrilled to be competing at all when a few months ago I felt sad and hopeless with my injury and whatnot. I don't want to be full of myself, but I feel like I'm dancing better than I was before Nassau County and definitely better before I had to drop out of The Horgan Fall Feis. I practiced today and I'm planning on trying to practice as much as possible between now and Sunday, you know...without wrecking myself again. On a scale from 1-10 here is how I feel about each dance:

Light Jig: 9
Reel: 8
Hornpipe 7.5/8
Slip Jig 7
Treble Jig 7
Set 6.5/7

I definitely feel stronger about my light shoe dances though now that I figured out that I was doing part of my Treble Jig incorrectly I'm finding that one quite enjoyable too. I was actually smiling while I was practicing that one and not really thinking about it! I think the one that needs the most work right now is my set mostly because it just gets so darn sloppy when it's up to tempo. I don't want to think of this upcoming feis as a "practice" feis, but I am promising myself that my set will be pristine for the McGough feis (which has 10 in the championship and 7-8 in the other dances and the deadline is still a few weeks away!!!). All in all I feel very very content and I'm looking forward to how it's going to go! Plus new shoes! Yay!

2. I changed my "feis" look. What a difference a hair clip, a side bun and a "poof helper" (because I don't know what else to call it.) make! What do you think?
I tried really hard to get a picture of the side with the clip, but apparently I have a derpy profile...
3. Holy crap are some TC's close minded!!! I know that this shouldn't be news to me, but I think my current TC might actually be middle of the road in regards to adults in dance classes. I won't  go into the whole thing again, but you can always check out my Tumblr if you are really curious (especially since people were so nice and comforting to me!). Pretty much, more reason to work my booty off, so I can prove to yet ANOTHER person that I will be one of the greatest Senior Ladies in this region. Or die trying... Anyway you can check that out here.

4. While I haven't completely committed to transferring yet, I have been giving it a lot of thought. I know that I have become a competition hungry fool and initially thought the sooner I could transfer the better. However, I don't want to burn a bridge. As much as I'm not happy that I can't compete in the general population with my current TC, he has been supportive in the way that he can. He even offered to teach me a slow treble jig but I had to be a "grown up" (UGH I HATE THE TERM) and tell him that I should be focusing on my dances for the competition next week. (And not injuring myself. That will get it's own number) If I decide to go with the school I'm visiting on Tuesday, I will finish out the dance school year with my current school and take privates and summer sessions with the new one. I mean it's quite possible that I might run screaming Tuesday...but probably not. So that being said, I will not be (possibly) transferring until mid June at the earliest so if that's the case...

5. I signed up for another feis. The Hartford Feis has adult categories this year and seeing as how it might potentially be my last feis as an "adult" dancer, I figured why the hell not. I'm the only one registered at the moment but we shall see what happens. I find it absolutely crazy that I will be in 3 competitions in 5 weeks, but I guess I am making up for the fact that I was out for four months with shin splints.

6. I don't want to jinx myself but OMG my legs feel pretty good. I guess all the icing, stretching, foam rolling, theraband using, icy hot creme applying stuff I've been doing is working because I've been wearing my soft and hard shoes during class no problem. I actually left class on Friday (after running all my dances multiple times) without pain. I was so proud of myself that I must have listened to Stronger by Kanye West at least a dozen times since then. SO HAPPY. Now lets keep it up.

7. I bought a box for my medals and things. I'd still like to have a shelf someday but it's kind of difficult when you are living somewhere temporarily. Until then I have one of those photo memory boxes that has all my marks, competitor numbers, plaques and medals inside. I got it a work last week on Israel's Birthday. Looking forward to adding some more hardware to that box.:)

8. I've added some goals to my goals page. I'm not crazy about the layout at the moment. It think maybe I should move all the goals that are still in progress or not completed away from the completed ones. But because my dance journey is most likely changing drastically I figured I would hold off for now.

9. I'm going to be getting a promotion at work! Shhh! This is not common knowledge yet, but no one I work with knows I have this blog so I'm not really concerned. Pretty much I WILL FINALLY BE A FULL TIME TEACHER NEXT YEAR! HOPEFULLY WE WILL HAVE A HOUSE SOON! THINGS LIKE (WAY) OUT OF STATE COMPETITIONS AND CAMP RINCE CEOL WILL NO LONG CONSIDERED TOO EXPENSIVE! It will also make transferring a bit easier because moving closer to work would make me closer to both locations of possible new school and current school will be further away. Stay tuned on that one.

Okay I think that's everything. Expect a post after the Feis, maybe before too. I leave with a song that really inspires me. My favorite band MUSE and their song Survival. The words are just so relevant to my Irish Dance journey. 

Yes I'm gonna win!


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