Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are you there God? It's me, Kay...

Haha pay no mind to the title of this post. I'm in a silly mood. :) I haven't posted in a while so I figured that I would give you an update. Not that I really have much to share that you don't already know.

1. I'm still injured. I have been in physical therapy since just before Christmas. My guy is really nice, personable and did I mention a bit attractive, which makes for weirdness when he's massaging my shins (I'm a spaz, we all know this)? I know I've been venting, complaining and lets face it, bitching about this injury but it really has me stumped. There are days that I feel so good that I'm convinced I'll be dancing in February. Then I have days like this weekend where I'm laying on the couch and my shins feel so tight that they are going to snap or like yesterday where I was almost in tears at how much they hurt. I know these sort of injuries take time, but I'm just so ready to be back to normal.

2. I might be getting a promotion! Don't get too excited, but a coworker is leaving and I'm hoping I will be asked to take over her classes! FULL TIME Baby! Hopefully that also means I'll be getting a raise because...

3. We are moving out of our god awful apartment! Don't get too excited because we're moving in with JB's parents for a while. We'll save a lot of money in the process and I WONT miss our neighbors or the sheet of ice I've been fighting to drive out of the past few days, but I am going to miss being independent and having a place of our own, even though it's tiny. My in laws are lovely people, we get along well. I don't want that to change. Hopefully getting a raise will help our time there be shorter. Other positive point, WE CAN FINALLY GET A PUPPY! (More on that as it gets closer, Father in law wants us to wait until spring.)

4. I got a new car. It's so beautiful, it's decent on gas and I love the stereo. However I'm not sure if my car is the problem with this whole driving on ice thing or if it's the crappy apartment maintenance  people or a combination of both. For now I'm getting to know it and so far I am very happy.

5. Started a new story. It was an outline I started in the summer. I always have high hopes for all my stories, but I feel like this one is an original idea that isn't like something that's been done before or based on people I know to the point where it'd be uncomfortable if it ever got published. Irish Dance is sort of a sub plot (can you tell I miss it?). Though in my story's world Ireland is far away or non existent so I suppose maybe folk dancing would be the correct way to describe it. I've finished other rough drafts, I've started revising other stories, maybe I can write something that will hold my interest to a final copy? Let's cross our fingers and talk to the big Guy.

6. Finally I promised to do a year in review post around new years...Well I didn't. Honestly, without dance, it was not an easy first 8 months of 2014. I need to keep positive and that requires not looking back so instead I'm going to set some goals. I love goals, so here are some goals for 2015:

1. GET HEALTHY (Obviously my Shins, but keep swimming, get sleep, eat right and eventually get back in that dance hall.)
2. GET HAPPY (I swear I'm not a depressed person. But I do need to not sweat the small stuff and learn to accept that things happen for a reason. I want to take control of everything and life's not like that. So I'm planning on knitting, writing, snuggling my husband (and hopefully our puppy soon!) and loving the life I have.)
3. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN (I'd love to be back at competitions by April and I know that requires listening to my TC, Physical therapist, and Doctor. I'd also love to be the type of writer who just sits at home and writes all day long so I need to PUBLISH A BOOK! Let's do it!)

Haha those goals sound like chapters in a self help book. :)



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