Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Had my follow up with my Orthopedic doctor today. While I've made a lot of progress, she wants me to be completely symptom free before I go back to dance. She told me that if I were to go to dance with symptoms I would be back in her office and probably worse in a month or two. As sad as this makes me, I agree with her. So two more weeks until yet another appointment. More stretches this time around, but I'm hoping that since I'm already feeling 80% better that two weeks more will completely fix the problem. I think I'm going to have to talk to him about refunding all this time I've been missing or counting it towards my next payment. I'll keep reiterating this...DON'T WORK THROUGH INJURIES! IT'S NOT WORTH THE PAIN, SUFFERING, OR WASTED MONEY!

I feel like this blog has been very depressing lately but sometimes it's just good to purge all my doubts and frustrations away. I feel like I have all these aspirations to keep dancing or start riding lessons again and I can barely survive after I pay my bills. My teaching job is technically "part time" and while it doesn't pay too much less than what I used to get last year, it just seems like I have more bills or something....(Honestly I'm buying too much Jamberry product and that needs to stop. I have too much inventory now and I need to make money in this business venture and not keep spending it all) but add the teachers agency, college loan and hefty insurance bill to that pay cut and I can't believe I'm not saving ANYTHING. I feel like I'm just barely treading above it all and if I stop I'll drown. It seems wrong to want to start up a very expensive hobby again while I'm still dancing (and have a solo that cost more than I would like to admit) and I'm struggling to make ends me. The following things are giving me hope:

1. I am getting a Jamberry paycheck and bonus this week. I'm hoping all of this can go towards the remainder of what I owe my husband for rent. I'd prefer it to be for "fun" stuff, but...oh well.
2. Staring January 1 I will be on my husbands FREE insurance so that will save me 260 dollars a month.
3. I only have three months left of teacher agency payments. I am not planning on getting laid off with this job so hopefully will be done after this. That or I may call and tell them I can't afford payments and they need to make it smaller. Again 250 dollars that will be mine...
4. I have a decent inventory now and 100 dollar jamberry orders shouldn't be necessary.
5. I'm only going to dance one a week in the jan-june session so that should save me 140 or something.
6. It's almost Christmas so hopefully my credit card bills will be lower (that's really the problem here)
7. I'm going to look for a second job :(

This last one makes me sad. I feel like I work my ass off but clearly it's not enough because I have NO money. I really can't rely on subbing or that my coworker is going to move before the end of the school year. It's quite possible that things will change next year or in the future and I really do love my job and coworkers...but I don't think it's appropriate to be like..."Hey guys...I need more money..." I also feeling like I promised myself I'd never go back to my old job (where husband works) but desperate times call for desperate measures...If I'm able to pay all my bills, save money, and have some fun...it will be worth it.

Thanks for listening.



  1. I agree it's best to take time off until you're fully healed. I was sidelined from running because of tendonitis in my knee for 6 weeks once, and as frustrating as it was, I eventually got my best run times and accomplished my longest distance races after the injury. I know what you mean about the money thing, too...I joke that I got a new HVAC unit for my house instead of a solo dress (not sure if qualify for a solo anyways, but no use in asking as long as I am making payments on the air conditioner). I've found hidden treasures in my house helped pay for Irish dance. I'm a hoarder, so I kept a lot of stuff from when I was a kid. Selling '80s toys paid for my wig, blister booties, and half of one summer's Irish dance workshop fee back when I only had a part-time job. Good luck with everything!

    - Your Irish dancer friend, Wendy Kay

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really miss it and the prospect of being better than before the injury makes me happy!