Thursday, December 11, 2014

Now For Something Completely Different

Hello out there!

Unfortunately, I don't have much dance related stuff to share. I'm in the middle of more "rest" until my second follow up appointment next week. I emailed my teacher but sometimes his inbox gets messed up and he doesn't reply right away. We'll see what happens at my appointment. I'm really hoping it's my last.

So remember the interview I had last week? Haha...I'm not going to take it. It was a situation that I swear could have been in a sit com. I go to the book store, I tell them I have an interview and when I give the persons name I am supposed to see, I'm told no one works there with that name. I go wait in the Cafe, time passes...I start to wonder if I'm losing my mind since I know I would never forget the name of the person I am supposed to meet as she had the same name as one of my sister in laws. Not long later the manager of the book store comes over and tells me I'm at the wrong location. Womp womp...It's in another town and if I want to go, the real person I'm supposed to talk to will still interview me. After a stressful drive with a huge headache (I didn't have a very large lunch) I get to the place and while I had a nice interview, this location was even further from home than my "real" job. Not to mention that they wanted references...which I get to a point. But it was a 15-20 hour per week part time job...So I decided that I would keep looking. I subbed Monday and Tuesday...but then I got sick and have been home two Perhaps tomorrow?

Okay the real reason why I'm posting today, ever since I've been injured, I've been doing a lot of sitting around. I'm not one that can just sit and watch TV so I've been doing a lot of knitting. I've been on the fence with opening up an etsy shop someday, so between that, looking up patterns on pinterest, and other yarn related things I came across a few cool charities that I couldn't help but share.


I stumbled across this one by accident but I'm so glad I did! Apparently, a girl named Ellie who at nine years old (She's 13 now!) founded KidKnits, a charity that not only sells knitting loom kits to make hats with yarn made in Rwanda and Chile, but also has a educational program for schools and church groups to learn about various parts of the world and how important it is to help other people. All the women who hand spin the yarn in these countries benefit from the programs and kits. While I have more knitting looms than I would like to admit (That's how I got started in the knitting world) I think it's absolutely amazing that someone so young could work so hard to change the world and make it a better place. I will be purchasing some yarn for a future project there soon. Here's the site and link to a video!

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Hats for Israeli Soldiers

This one has a lot to do with my job. I was more so curious if there were any charities for Israeli Children and came across this instead. A mother of an Israeli soldier started a blog with various patterns that Israeli Soldiers can wear. A hat is one of those easy projects (especially on a loom!) you could make one in a few hours and once again, I like that it helps people in need. It would be a really great activity for our school too! I'm am hoping that there is an American equivalent for our soldiers...If not...I might need to start one. think I could knit a hat for a solder from the Kidknits kits? Ha! Anyway, here' the link to the Hat's For Israeli Solders blog.

Okay, time to get back to my knitting,


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