Saturday, September 13, 2014

Here I am!

Sorry for being off the grid for a while. Between the new job, hosting my own Jamberry launch party and my husband playing his first "really big" gig I've been a tad busy. I've also had dance which has been fabulous and tricky at the same time.

Dance started officially the Friday after labor day. There are a lot of new little girls which is great, but makes for a tight rec center, especially since almost all their mothers stay and watch. Even when their class cleared out it was tight. (We had a girl come who had been out on injury or goes to the Avon location or something...Nice but there wasn't a lot of room.) I'm happy to report I now know ALL of St. Patrick's Day! Now I need to practice it and 3 Sea Captains...(I've already forgotten and get them ready for competition! He also taught me another different partial step of treble jig. So I now have two partial steps...hopefully that will get finished in the next few weeks.

I had to skip my first Wednesday class because of JB's gig. I was told there were only four peeps and no new adult. I like Wednesday nights better anyway, more calm, we get more done, etc.

This Friday was pretty good too. I got there extra early and worked in the class before mine. I think it's important to work on crossing and turn out so I don't mind standing behind the line of kiddos and little J did it with me. Once their class moved to hard shoe I went over and worked on my sets and a little girl asked me when she could start learning them. I thought this was hilarious because I am not the TC and I really don't think I look all that impressive. Anyway... Spent most of my class fine tuning St. Paddys. We tried 3 Sea but he had me do it at add that I have the music at 69 and haven't done it really in several wasn't very good. We did a Ceili and I didn't suck! The hard work is paying off! No conflicts this week so I'm hoping I'll be working on soft shoe alot (SLIP JIG PLEASE!)

I have another feis this coming weekend, but I'm a bit discouraged because once again it looks as though I will be dancing all alone. I told TC this and he seemed a tad concerned. He told me to keep looking for ones that draw large numbers...but I really don't think it's going to be possible in this region. Even ROI only has 3 in their beginner category which is great and better than just me...but still no moving up. I'm hoping that persistence will be key with my TC, I want to get to open champs...I guess I'm going to just have to be blunt with him. Awkward...

Happy to be dancing regularly again!


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