Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh the humanity!

I'm warning you now, this will be a moody entry. This entry will not be completely about Irish Dance. If you are on the fence, close the window now. Or you can read it, misery loves company.

While I have some fantastic things going on right now. (The dress! My brother is home for a visit! It's almost time to start dancing again!) These past few weeks haven't exactly been one for the books in the non dancing world.

In June I vented about being let go at one of my jobs. I was told it was due to budget cuts...well that school called me today. They wanted me to tell the new music teacher what I had taught last year. I know it's a different principal, I know I should be the bigger person and not take it personally, they probably fired the organist so this jackamoe could get hired. My friend who taught art also resigned so maybe this person is teaching both, but I feel like I've been slapped in the face, that I was betrayed. Being laid off from that job has put a damper on so many things in my life...why couldn't they have just been honest with the reason they didn't want me?

I will say that I've been lucky enough to go on six interviews this summer. But it's a bit disheartning when you get so close and then you still fail.

Job prospect 1: Never got back to me and when I finally called them they acted like I was a moron. ("We sent an email"...uh I never got it!)

Job prospect 2: I got two rejection emails from them...figure that one out. (It was in a seedy area so no loss there)

Job prospect 3: Went with someone who already worked on campus...(In their defense they sent me a really sweet email and forwarded my stuff to Job prospect 6 so I can't hate on them too much)

Job prospect 4: This one hurt the most. They liked me, they showed me my room, text books, everything. I got a call yesterday saying that several students dropped out of the school and that they combined grades instead of hiring someone. I cried all day.

Job prospect 5&6: Same district but different schools. It's for music and I technically cannot teach it in a public school (that's a long story I don't feel like explaining right now.) Both seemed happy but explained that they would probably go with a certified person instead. (SO WHY DID YOU EVEN INTERVIEW ME!!!!!?)

Then I get out to the car and I have a voice mail from the principal of the school I currently still work at. Enrollment is down. So I went from being cut 50% to 60%. My salary for a part time job that is almost an hour away is 11,000 dollars. It kills me, but I have to quit. I can't justify the gas and miles on my car, not to mention there are taxes, incidentals. I HATE TEACHING CHOIR. I'm potentially unemployed.

Oh and to make matters worse...I have a UTI. Yup, woke up in the middle of the night in horrendous pain, almost passing out and puking. I was supposed to go to New York this afternoon with my Parents, brother, cousins, etc but I felt too crappy to go...

I know that everything happens for a reason...but can I have a sign? Please?

Okay, taking a positive spin now...Thank you for bearing with me if you are still here:

-I am now on antibiotics and I already feel SO much better.
-I have an orientation to be a reading tutor in former college town on Tuesday. That has the potential to make me between 15-30k and it's so much closer!
-May have an interview for another tutor position even closer to home
-Who knows who else will call? I can't believe I've had 6 interviews in 3 weeks.
-I signed up to be a Jamberry Nail consultant. (I can hook you up if you want cool nails)
-My TC is an amazing man and I know he will work with me if I can only pay him a when I have extra money every now and again.
-My favorite store is hiring...not ideal for a career, but at least it's money for bills.
-I will no longer have to buy gas twice a week (sometimes three) or put 500 miles on my car each week.
-My husband is amazing and so supportive. we've reached the actually dance part of things!!!

The Feis is in just over a week! How would I say I'm feeling?

Preparedness: 7.5-8 I know my steps and I can do them to music. Sometimes there are weird balance flubs that happen but I am confident that I won't blank out. I'm planning on practicing every day until the feis (unless the ankles protest)

Costume: 5. This is up in the air. I haven't heard from my dressmaker in about a week. I'm not too concerned, she assures me it's going to get here on time. Also if all else fails I have a back up costume even though I hate it! I ordered bigger sizes so I wouldn't look like a sausage in it's casing (long sleeve turtle neck leo and burgandy skater skirt) but it's the opposite problem. I look like I'm swimming in them. FAT YUCK!  So we'll see.

State of Mind:5-6. I'll be honest. I don't know what to expect at all. I've never been to a feis and I've never danced solo before. I've played musical instruments solo. I've sang solo so I don't think it will be that crazy, I just think I need to go to one and just see how it's done. However I'm noticing that there are few adults in the New England Region (and Mid Atlantic) I don't mean to sound pretentious and overly competitive, but I want to be an open champ. I can't get there until I get out of this no mans land that is adults/AB in the grades. I just hope I'm not dancing alone. My husband said "Well you get first! You should be excited." Yah, but it doesn't mean anything because I only competed against myself.

Class starts the Friday after labor day. Can't wait!!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent.


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