Monday, August 4, 2014


So you will be hearing from me a lot this week. Technically camp is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday but I have stuff to update now. (I always do, please!)

The biggest thing is that I had a job interview on Friday. It's for 4th and 5th grade English and Social Studies in another catholic school in the same diocese I work in now. It's interesting because it's half an hour away from where I work now and it's like night and day. I've been in Public schools that have less technology and this school is like a baby college campus. Both of the people I interviewed for were very sweet and I thought the interview went pretty well (I'm always over thinking and critical of myself afterwards) I'm supposed to find out sometime this week if I got the job. I have to believe that if it's meant to be it will be. I mean, I cried after my interview at the place I got laid off at and I still got the job (though it should have been an omen to RUN) so I have to believe it will all work out.

The next awesome thing that happened this past weekend is that two of my good friends got married on Saturday. I don't think you understand how emotional I was, they are probably two of four people that I still see regularly from Middle School and beyond. I met them both in 7th grade (they were in 8th, the bonus of being in a music department) We did marching band all the way through college, the bride (who I'm probably even closer to) did basketball, choir and color guard with me and was my roommate for two years! She sang at my wedding and made the cake! It was a long time coming, they'd been together almost nine years but it was such a great day. I even got to incorporate some Irish into the Cotton eyed Joe. :D
This was the lovely couple at my wedding
Okay so get ready for me to be weird and wishy washy about my competitive future yet again! I went into competing with the mindset that I was going to stay local, not going to drive more than two hours to a fies, but it's becoming very clear to me that if I want to get out of beginner/advanced beginner that's not going to possible. After asking a very awesome fellow adult dancer her opinion (Her blog is also in my blog list: Confessions of an Adult Irish Dancer, check her out!) I think I'm going to try to go to a few bigger competitions that draw adult numbers that aren't in the New England region...because there aren't very many and I have NO idea if they draw adult dancers or not. So I now have the mindset that I'm going to use the local feisanna to practice for these big ones, and I'll try to go to a bigger one once a quarter or something.

Another conclusion I am coming to quickly: I need to move to the Southern Region. They have Nations Capital, Rhythm of Ireland, Peach State all these huge adult friendly competitions, it's really not fair. However, then I would be on a six month ban and I wouldn't be competing anyway...and I think my heart would break if I had to leave my TC.

So I really want to go Rhythm of Ireland. I know, I know...I am so indecisive. But hear me out. One, it's over two months away and there is already the potential for five in some groups (not mine yet, but I'm not worried yet) Two, there are perpetual trophies for adult set dances and treble reels. And not just one for each. There is a Beginner/Advanced beginner one and a Novice/PW one. Um...sign me up? I don't know how many chances I will get to be in the running for a big ass trophy or plaque but I damn well want to try. (I actually had a dream that I won it last night, but then I read the plaque and it was the wrong I dream about dance much more than normal.) Anyway...I'm learning a new set dance this week (Blackbird? Job or Journeywork?) or you know, I could finish St. Pats, I have like two eight counts left or something...

The big hurdle with ROI would be convincing my lovely husband that it will be acceptable to go to Williamsburg for the weekend in October. With Fees and hotel, gas and food, not counting anything extra we could possibly do (um Busch Gardens hello?) It would be around 500 dollars. I wouldn't be planning on going anywhere far again until March (and it's the Big Apple Feis, a train ride to NYC, could stay with my cousin) My plan is if I get this new job (and hopefully more money than last year) this feis will be a present to myself. Or maybe I can offer to pay for everything...we'll see. We're going to the beach for a overnight in a few weeks...soooooo.

As it stands:

Constitution State (8/31/14): Registered and paid; not idea who I'm competing against
Nassau Country (9/21/14): Registered but not paid up yet; Only me at the moment
Rhythm of Ireland (10/18/14) Registered but not paid up yet; 1-2 per dance but hopeful it will improve

Talk to you Wednesday or Thursday :)


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