Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Day One!

You have no idea how great it feels to be dancing again. I feel alive and elated and so excited for what is to come in my dancing career. :)

First things first, there were only four of us tonight (K, E, B and myself) which makes me a bit sad. We were going to be a small crew anyway but both younger girls, M and other adults didn't come. Summer is crazy so I understand. Regardless, It was a fantastic night. I haven't been that good and sweaty or winded in a long time. I love my TC so much too, I so wish I had started this fantastic sport sooner.

Okay so after soft shoe warm ups (that I didn't forget too much) we started a really interesting 4 hand called Humours of Bandon. Surprisingly it wasn't so bad. Though there was some confusion on left and right hands (AND IT WASN'T ME!) I kept on forgetting one part but I am satisfied for not dancing in almost two months and it being completely new. We even did a lot of it to music. I'm going to write it all down for next class and study the crap out of it. I hate being the weak link, I refuse. My TC said it best:"It's not ready for the oireachtas, but it's decent." I will take that after only doing it about an hour. To an even better go on Friday.

Then we switched to hard shoe to learn our new set piece! I know now that I need to really practice hard shoe drills the rest of summer, especially one in particular that is like a patting your head rubbing your tummy kind of conundrum. Hoping it will help my hornpipe! Anyway...TC decided to teach us Three Sea Captains which I was originally excited about because I figured I could add it to what I can compete with,'s apparently not a traditional set piece that everyone does because it's not listed on the feis syllabus for ROI! Looks like I'm stuck with ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!! (I'm will get good at that dance, I'm vowing it here and now.) But back to Three Sea Captains...once again I was pleasantly surprised tonight. I was able to keep up and do it to music which honestly, I can't even say about the other hellian dance. I already know the whole step and I did it in about an hour. There are still two days of camp left so I'm positive it will get even better. Going to watch and memorize tomorrow.

Everyone else went home and I worked briefly one on one with my TC about adding movement to my reel. We also changed one of my steps because he felt the two I had were too similar and boring. Hornpipe should be fine the way it is and we are going to figure out Jig later in the week. He seemed pleased and we worked out the awkward part of the step I wanted to do, but for whatever reason was alluding me.

Here's the crazy thing. When I discussed what I was going to wear to the feis he sort of left it up to me. I'm his only adult that competes so he felt that it was up to me as long as what I wore didn't look too close to another school's dresses. He was also surprised to hear that some schools made adults wait to get solos. I guess ordering me a school dress is not an option. He's looking to do an off the rack purchase in the future as the custom ones are a pain I guess and dated. All the girls who compete like K,B, M are in a solo dress and the younger girls are close if not already there. I'm sort of at a loss of what to do. I would love to get to wear something kick ass and fantastic, but I don't want to be looked down upon or get in trouble for wearing a solo when I'm not supposed to. It's though because there is not a school dress for me...but at the same time I don't want to wear a boring skit and blouse. I am not the best sewer, and honestly I'm not sure if that would be worth the money when I could just buy one second hand or inquire about having a simple dress made...I found five on dance-again that are the right size, similar price (this would be my dress even when I get into higher levels...) three are school colors, two are just ones that I liked the look of. Researching!!!!!

Okay, I'm exhausted.


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