Saturday, August 9, 2014

Camp Day 3

Remember how I tired I felt yesterday? That was dancing two hours or so. Today is a whole new kind of tired. It's I danced three days this week, it's I danced for almost 3.5 hours today. My muscles are dead. I'm ready for bed and it's not even nine. But you know what? Today was probably some of the best dancing I've ever done since starting in April.

It was just three of us today (E didn't come, but her younger sister was a total pain yesterday so I'm not that upset...) So we started off with hard shoe again. Drills were the best yet. The one that I really struggle with is just about there. That's on the list of things to practice until the first day of class. Then he taught me the rest of three sea captains while he went back and forth and taught K and B parts of white blanket. I'm proud to say that I now know a whole set piece! It's rough, its sloppy in some places, but I know the whole thing. Something else I will practice as much as I can so that I don't forget it. TC was funny "There you go, you know all of Three Sea Captains before you finished learning St. Patrick's Day...You know it's a lot harder right?" Hopefully this means that finishing St. Patrick's Day will be a breeze if I was able to learn something far more complicated in three days.

We switched to soft shoe and I think my TC has plans to run Rumors of Bandon in it's entirety, but I asked if we could do feis steps (You know since I have one three weeks from tomorrow!) and he said yes so we just ran through the figures and did the body once. Still marveling at the fact that I know a whole group dance and it looks halfway decent.

Coolest thing is that TC's wife stopped by and not only does she know about all things comstumey, she also knows a lot about polishing and making steps look nice (which I desperately need). So I got to run everything I know at least a step of (so the three I'm competing plus one step of slip jig) and had two people giving me tips and advice.

Light Jig: Switched one of my steps so there would be movement. Worked on crossing more at knees when I pull leg back, keeping my feet closer together at all times.

Reel: Switched one step earlier in the week for movement and excitement purposes. Same as above with the addition that I am now hopping into my sevens instead of cutting (cleaner) I really need to work on the newer step because I have a problem with the over into the sevens...I blame my small home practice space for that...

Slip Jig: Higher on Toes and lighter on toes. Sometimes sickleing...(Had trouble finding beat in music today too! I blame the song!)

Hornpipe: Turn out! louder on treble hop backs.

I got so many compliments from both TC and wife, such a confidence boost.TC told his wife that I  take correction and fix problems quickly. His wife told me that my hornpipe steps were nice and loud (never really thought of that before.) and that I had a great point. She told me in general that I'm doing very good and that with some polishing and fixing I'll be even greater. When she asked how long I'd been dancing and I told her only since April she couldn't believe how far I'd come in a short time. She can come to class anytime. :)

In other news...I'm getting the dress. My deposit was placed and everything. It's bit overwhelming...especially the measuring part, but I'm hoping it will all be fine. TC's wife made me feel a lot better about the dress too. She felt that I'm an adult and I can do wear what I want. Tell them it's my school dress if someone asks otherwise. Now to see it become a beautiful tangible thing :)

You won't hear from me for a while, I swear!


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