Monday, July 21, 2014

So about that feis debut...

It's me people. When do I post infrequently?

Well I guess it's a good thing that I bought that bun wig. After several emails back and forth with my TC, I will be competing in my first feis NEXT MONTH. Yes, that is somewhere in the middle of the original goal and the current October one.

I'm trying not to be negative and look on the bright side of things instead, but I am entering that Feis in the adult category. TC really feels like that is the best way to start off since the advanced beginner crowd can be weird and not have many dancers. Honestly, I think there might be more adult competitors at feisanna that offer the category. Part of me wants to fight my way to open champs the old fashion way, but I am not seeing this as a total defeat. There is no reason to not be the best that I can be and clean house in this category. Perhaps in a year or two I can bring up & overs again when I would be the equivalent of a novice or prizewinner. I trust my TC, so if he wants me to do adults, then that is what I will do. He actually was the one who suggested doing this one in August and honestly until not long ago, I had a calendar of possible feisanna with adult categories. Right now, I would have one every month except October, and more if I wanted to drive or fly further. Trying to stay as local as possible.

So the plan is Reel and Light Jig for sure, I am so tempted to put hornpipe, but it's so fast and I wonder if I would just freeze the moment I made a mistake. I don't want to waste the 9 bucks to ultimately decide that I'm not ready for it. So yeah, I guess that's my answer.

Now I must polish the steps. Camp will be a good refresher but I need to be as comfortable and prepared as possible.



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