Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I'll keep this one short as I am not at my laptop and typing on my iPhone can be obnoxious.

The pain in my ankles (the right one) specifically got so bad I bit the bullet and went to the orthopedic doctor today. I'm so happy and relieved to tell you that I'm not broken or sprained and he doesn't want to put me in a brace! So I have to take horse pills for the next two weeks but hopefully I'll be back to normal. I guess I'm going to have to stay sharp on my steps in different ways since clearly I over did it.

Now if I could just find a job so my husband won't threaten that I have to quit dance because it's the "wrong  priority" I would be ecstatic! Pray for me! Or send positive vibes! I can't lose the thing that keeps me sane and he doesn't get that!!!!

Ok, next time I'm on my lap top I will add on to the ID is love list!

Bye for now!!!

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