Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summertime Sadness, Happiness, and more

I couldn't wait for this one until after Friday. I'm a little conflicted. It's June, I have 2.5/3 weeks left until I'm on vacation. Concerts and stress will be well behind me. Sadly, this also means that dance is coming to an end for the "school year" as well. I've got 4 classes left. Camp will a nice half way point through summer, but I'm going to miss it so much. I also am vowing to myself that I don't want to get rusty and I want to fit (It's more so a need with that one yuck) So I think I'm going to set myself some summer goals. I'm not going to make a separate page or anything. Just a list on here.

Here goes...

Summer Dance Goals
-Practice at least 3 times a week. I'm hoping it will be equal to what I do currently, if my body will allow it. I'd like to do a day devoted to just soft shoe, a day just for hard shoe and a day that I just run dances with music. I'm going to print this out. except I don't know Single Jig or Heavy Jig yet, but you know I'll just re roll or something.

-Have a suitable practice place. I know you really aren't supposed to dance on cement, but that may be my only option if we don't find a house soon. I need to be able to get through whole dances without stopping so pulling the car out of the garage or dancing in my parents basement may be the only option. Maybe I'll make a floor? Haha, probably not though.
-Get comfortable with toe stands. It's getting better, the shoes will get broken in as time goes on. But if I want to be as good as K, probably should be working on that everyday even if it's just five minutes. so you know, I can be like the girls in Jig who can run on their toes. Someday...
-Same as above but with rocks. I think they are even worse.
-Polish all dances, including St. Pat's. I don't want to forget anything this summer!!!

Okay, gotta go!


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