Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It's weekly update time and I don't have too much to report.

Friday was interesting, I went on what was supposed to be a short trip with my husband, well by the time we got back into town it was 10 minutes into my class. Husband insisted that I take a shower ( he could have his own blog with all his weirdness.) Anyway I got to class at 8:20 flustered, but they had literally just gotten all the younger crowd out so I hadn't missed much thank goodness. We reviewed reel and I learned my first step of slip jig! I think I may finally have a favorite! We shall see if I still feel that way as I learn new steps. It was a pretty low key night as it was just me, K, E, and little M.

Tonight was okay...just okay. Soft shoe warm ups are significantly easier than my first night. I didn't learn any new soft shoe steps and did a horrendous bought of antrim reel. Granted we hadn't done it in several weeks but I swear I have mild dyslexia I kept going by my partners wrong shoulder we couldn't remember what happened next. Most of the night was spent on that. I did finish the first section of st. Pat's and the end of my hornpipe but I felt like I was having a mental block with that too. Blame it on my lack of hard shoes(which is starting to really PISS me off) or that I was sweating my booty off. Either way, I know what I'm practicing this week.

I've been thinking, if I'm learning hardshoe dances and potentially competing them, am I an advanced beginner? I am not really sure how that works when you get to be my age. Speaking of competing, I have to talk to my tc. I don't think I'm ready for the Feis I wanted to do. I know steps for LJ  and HP and even reel technically, but I have no idea what direction to move in. Let's not even talk about what I would wear. I guess the skirt and shirt combo would work for a first Feis. Then there is my shoe issue, can't dance a hornpipe in a Feis without hardshoes. I know this is ugly perfectionist Kay coming out right now. I have learned SO much in 7 weeks. I can't believe that I have so much under my belt, that I can remember all these steps and pretty much do them correctly too (pretty much). It will come, I'm sure of it. So maybe Rockland county will be my first. Who knows. I'm sure there are plenty if I was doing & overs, not as many options for adult only. We shall see,

It's late, I should sleep.


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