Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break!

Day 2 of relaxation and fun! Had dinner with my cousins last night and spent the afternoon with my parents today. I'm not sure what else this week will bring. JB has a show at the casino on Friday and obviously Easter is Sunday. Oh and I have dance. :) We shall see what else shall come up? Shopping? A hike? Sleep is on the to do list, that is for sure.

Well, I went to class on Friday. It didn't start until 8 but I came a tad early so I could get my shoes on and stretch. T.C. starts teaching at six so when I got there there was mothers and younger siblings spread out everywhere. He had a class of 6 or 7 elementary aged students and then the girls I normally have class with off in a corner, plus a few middle school students. It was noisy and at first I felt like everyone was staring but since I am new, it's to be expected.

We started out doing a 16 hand reel. It was intense! All heights and ages. I think I held my own a bit better. We did an 8 hand later that was a bit more complicated, but seeing as it was my third class, I can't complain. after the younger class ended and my class started just the girls from Wednesday and two middle school kids remained. We ran my jig and he showed me the third step! Woot! My soft shoes have stretched a bit too, I was able to keep them on the whole time. :) Then my T.C. taught me the first step of the HORNPIPE! Which is super exciting...

...However I am literally the only student at McArdle School of Irish Dance that doesn't have hard shoes. T.C. told me I could hold off a bit longer. But I think it would be nice to get used to the sounds I'm supposed to make. A month and a week until my birthday. I think I can make it until then.

I also had another thought. I'd like to compete at a Feis at the end of June. Maybe I'll at least have my Light Jig and Hornpipe by then? Let's see what happens!

Short one today,


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