Thursday, April 3, 2014

Okay, maybe I'll write about the first class...

I know I said I wouldn't do a weekly description of my classes, but I enjoyed last night so much I can't help but want to share.

My first Irish Dance class was great! Everything I wanted it to be and more! First off, it was smaller than I was expecting. 2 high school girls who were at least prizewinner or in prelims. One girl (who I talked to the most) was somewhere in the middle (Novice maybe?) and a little boy who was nine at the most. Oh yeah, and me. The two adults never showed. I'm not exactly sad though, I got a lot of attention and learned a lot of things. Somethings I'm not quite ready for, but a few things to practice for next class. Hop two threes and sevens mostly. I also learned cross step and rise and grind, which are essential moves in the slip jig. He showed me the first two steps of the jig but decided to focus on steps instead.

My T.C. is great, encouraging and very patient. He drilled steps with me until I got it right and was understanding of some of my ballet "faux pauxs" (Irish is a lot more parallel and close together than ballet). But he said I did a great job with my turn out. Even cooler was when one of the girls who was really good told me my point was "pretty".

I wish back when I was that girl in high school that I had taken Irish dance. The girls were all welcoming and honestly reminded me of who I was back then. They were unique girls, not fake or superficial. They weren't perfect or pretended to be. The higher girls forgot steps, the novice girl had to be constantly reminded of her arms. I was there one night and I felt comfortable. Even when the next girl was 16 or 17 to my 24. I've been in gymnastics for 7 months now and I still feel awkward at times. I love my coach, but lets face it, tumbling was my worst area of dance.

I've never sweat so much in my life, and that's a good thing. It was structured, I was pushed to my limit, also a good thing. What I thought was a one hour class ended up being almost being almost two hours and I didn't want it to end. Most importantly, I came home from class happy, gushing to my husband, talking about all sorts of things, I even showed him the steps I had learned. I felt energized and whole and I hadn't exactly had the best week, so this made it much better. That and I received deliciously karma filled news, but that's not for this blog...

I'm going to keep practicing my steps so they are not "perfect" per say (long way to go there) but at least confident for next class. It sounds like he would like for me to join the Ceili dances as soon as I am ready. I wrote the steps down in "Kay" language so I wouldn't forget them. T.C. already wants me to do two classes (wasn't sure if I would start that now or in the fall). Husband was already complaining "But that means you'll be gone three nights?" Says the man who goes to the gym and leaves me home everyday and has a show out of town at least every other week. It will keep me fit and happy, and I will get better. I will be feishing in no time :) or performing at least.

One slightly negative thing is that my toe is quite sore. Not sure if that from being on my toes for longer than I'm used to, or my ballet shoe/sneaker sock combo. Either way a pair of ghillies is in my future. I've already got enough money for them. Just not sure of what size. As for socks, only one girl wore poodle socks, the rest had sneaker socks like me. The hard shoes can wait. I think you have to be out of beginner before you learn hard shoe steps. We shall see what T.C. thinks.

All in all, quite content with my first class. To many, many more. :)

Much love,


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