Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Day of Freedom

How do you that your job is the root of 99% of your stress? Could it be that I am dreading going back to work tomorrow? Moping around here terrified at the thought of a musical, grandparents day concert and two spring concerts? One of which I don't want to do at all, think is a waste of time, etc?

I'd like to hide in my bed, become a Irish Dress maker, write on the side and never ever go back to one of those wretched schools.

Since last speaking, my vacation continued to be lazy. The weekend picked up a bit. JB had his casino show and my cousins and sister in law came to keep me company. We ate Subway, I lost 10 bucks, my cousins won 60. I stayed up way too late and spent most of Saturday sleeping. Saturday my other sister in law and brother in law and their kids came up and we had dinner and a campfire. Once again, stayed up way too late but my brother in law is hilarious so it was worth it....until we had to wake up for mass Sunday morning. We were 5 minutes late, had to stand. After that we had brunch where I ate a lot, my niece and nephew duked it out for the most eggs in an Easter egg hunt and I napped with my husband for a ridiculous amount of time. Today I slept, ran a few errands, ordered my hard shoes....Wait what?

I know I said my birthday, I know I said May first...but I'm an impatient you know what. If I have the money (which I did) and I am learning dances for them(which I am) who cares. I found them cheaper than I was planning and I'm getting a free shirt out of the deal. Sort of bargain huntress? Don't tell my husband...

I lost the battle with my ankles, but I'm hoping not the war. I soaked my feet, I have taken Advil multiple times a day. I would say the pain on a scale from 1-10 is like a 3 or a 4. More obnoxious than anything. I didn't dance Saturday or Sunday. I ran my dances once on Friday and once today and it was okay. Honestly, I'm frustrated by the lack of space in our place. I can't even do one step on one foot without running out of room. The ankle starts off sore but eventually feels better as I go on. I bought a brace and icy hot cream today. Hoping anything will do the trick! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING SERIOUS! JB suggested a week off and I laughed at him. I don't want to do that. I like dancing, I want to get better at it. It keeps me active. Aren't you supposed to work through muscle pain to get stronger? I refuse!!!

Alright that's my vent session, you'll be hearing from me in a few days.


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