Friday, April 11, 2014

Good things

Okay, so much for not doing a weekly update. What can I say? I like to write.

In the non dance world, we're house sitting for the in laws this week. SUCH A TEASE! Neighbors far far away, plenty of room to be comfy. I've been sleeping better (That is just our bed I think). They can go away more often!

Today is my last day of work before April vacation! I am so ready! Planning on sleeping a lot!

Well, I have some goals to update! I sent a tracing of my foot on Saturday to fays shoes. I got an email from them on Tuesday morning and ordered my ghillies Tuesday afternoon. They were at my house before class Wednesday! Crazy! That's what I call service! The shoes are kind of an enigma though, one of the girls in my class had to lace them and tie them for me. I felt like a toddler but I think I've got it now. They also need to be broken in, I had to switch back to my ballet shoes half way through because my big toes were killing me. Hopefully I can get them a bit stretchier by tonight.

Which leads to my next goal. I'm going to start dancing on Fridays too! I think its a good way to stay in shape. Also, if I want to get feis ready, going more than once a week is crucial. It sounds like most of the girls who come Wednesday do Friday too. Even if it was little kids I'd still go, its nice to drill with my T.C. nearby.

The two adults came last class! Which was exciting! They are also younger than I was expecting, maybe 30 at the most. Its nice to not always be the oldest. They are light years ahead of me, but I am determined to get there. We reviewed all the steps from last week and T.C. was pleased and could tell that I was practicing. One of my steps wasn't 100% but that is this weeks task. He also taught me the first two steps of the jig from last week. So my plan is to practice the crap out of it. Maybe I will learn the rest tonight?

Another cool fact? I started hard shoe drills! Which is difficult because I don't have hard shoes! I held off but I'm the only one who doesn't have them in my Wednesday class. I think my husband will flip if he knows I have to spend 150 plus shipping. My soft shoes were more than I was planning, though I think worth it. I'm going to see if I can hold off until my birthday which is about a month away. That or maybe my slush fund can grow again, all but drained for the soft shoes. Still excited to learn!!!

Alright let's talk about what didn't go so well. I joined in a ceili dance and it was interesting to say the least. I had a very understanding partner. I have a problem knowing what direction to go and I'm hoping with practice it will come along. I won't go "oh crap!" Or "which way!?" I was a bit frantic. Lucky for me the girls are nice.

Stay tuned,


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