Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taking the plunge

Alright, I've done it, I've committed myself! I'm taking my first Irish dance class next week!

Excited, Incredibly nervous, eager, and slightly insane are words I would use to describe myself. Because I'm planning on riding out gymnastics until the end of year. I'm co directing a drama production at one of my schools that has it's opening weekend in about a month and you know, a day job. But I think that those are excuses to not be the best that I can be. This will be an outlet, a release.

Did I mention the recreation hall where classes are held is within walking distance from my apartment? (Not that I would want to walk there...not the nicest of areas to be walking through alone at night.) 2 minute car drive. Sad that this is going to change to 25-40 minutes when we move...but oh well. I'm a teacher, not a professional Irish dancer...yet :)

No need to purchase shoes yet; though I may try to attend a feis that is local to try and hopefully purchase at least soft shoes. Not really comfortable ordering shoes online, though they say you can trace your foot and send it to them and they will give you a good idea. We will see what my future T.C. thinks. Maybe one of the older girls will have shoes that I can try.

Their school dress, it's beautiful! Red and Black with a little bit of white on the bottom skirt. I won't be sad to wear it until I get to prizewinner. :)

I'll let you know how it goes, not planning in doing every week like I did with my riding lessons. But we'll see.

Much love,


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