Sunday, March 23, 2014

News, ranting, ideas, the usual

So we've officially put an offer on the house I mentioned in an earlier entry. Now for the part I hate. The waiting. I'm so very impatient. Fingers crossed that this goes smoother than the last house we put an offer on.

Speaking of impatience, I emailed all those Irish Dance schools on Wednesday and haven't gotten any new replies. Honestly, I really only care about #2 (see last entry) because the two by work are most likely going to be obnoxious and expensive. Still though, what's up with people not replying to emails promptly? I get in trouble if I don't. Maybe I'm a scary prospect? Maybe if I was 10 or 14 I would have already heard something. I'm honestly about to reply to #3. Is driving 40 minutes both ways twice a week for dance unheard of? Especially if he is offering what I want to do? I decided that I'm giving this other school until Wednesday (it will be exactly one week) and then I'm making my decision. Let's face it, it's pretty much made already. :)

Shortly after I got married, my husband and I went to the bank to get a joint account for all the money we got as wedding gifts. While I was there, the person asked if I wanted to join the bank with my own account. Before this I had an account at the local savings bank that doesn't have any branches where we are going to be moving, so I thought it was a good idea. Long story short, by opening a checking account, I got a savings account too. It's pretty cool. I get 20 bucks from the bank each month for having direct deposit and for paying my bills online. So I was thinking. Remember when I was saving up for horseback riding lessons and I was returning bottles and doing all sorts of shifty things to have cash for my weekly lessons? Well, this savings account's so much more simple. I already get 20 bucks a month but I've also decided to have 10 dollars transfer each week from my checking account. that's 60 bucks a month. That should add up after awhile, not to mention that I am going to close that local bank account when we move and that has around 150 in it. Any cash I get for things I could deposit. I've decided that this savings account will be my Irish Dance Account. Sure, I could just pay for class or my shoes out of my checking no problem, but it's fun saving towards it. I could buy soft shoes in the next couple weeks, or tuition by the fall. When I'm ready to spend, I will transfer it to my checking and I can write a check or whatever. Wouldn't it be cool if I did this and someday (hopefully) when I get to prizewinner I could have money to buy a dress that isn't secondhand? Maybe not a Gavin, but my own dress none the less? I think that might be the goal. It's exciting to day dream about at least.

Well, other than that, not much to share. Should at least have a counter offer on the house in the next few days. Excited for the future.


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